[WarMetal Tyrant] Mission 28 [Help Me!]

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I’ve literally been grinding at this for like 3 days, trying to put together a deck combo against it by using http://www.kongregate.com/forums/65-tyrant/topics/149063-a-full-guide-to-building-your-offensive-decks-updated, and it’s not working. Somebody wanna help? Right now I have:
Deck 1: Impulse Rush
Impulse Walker x6
Rally flag x2

Deck 2: Sawblade Rush
Cerberus x2
Regeneration bay
Sawblade x7

Deck 3: Trying to Standard Multi
Quad Walker x4
Moloch x2
Locust Swarm x2

I didn’t want to list out all of my other cards cause it seemed like a waste of time, but if it would make things easier I could do that.

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I’m using the following to grind blood shield.

-6 Orbital Cannons
-3 Chronos
-1 EMP

Now, I’ll give you the cheaper version
DUNCAN (To help with blood pool)
-6 Orbital Cannons (Easily obtained by bronze packs)
-3 Raiders of any type (I prefer exosoldiers but you can opt in some siege boys if you want).
-A useful action card or just another raider/structure.

Basically, the way you want to play that level is to get your orbital cannons out as quickly as possible to deal with the creatures. That’s problem 1.

Problem 2 occurs when you get rid of the creatures but your opponent has bloodpools and commander weaken working on you. That’s why I advise bringing duncan and some siege weapons in order to take those out and beat the mission.

However, if you are going for speedy swamps, I’d aim for sawblade rush but replace half of your deck with orbital cannons. Just get 2 or 3 sawblades out there and then go full on orbitals.