New factions @ Tyrant(Faction Links Thread) (locked)

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Advertise your Factions here! :)

Originally posted by Stephisto:
Originally posted by QFire000:

So i click on the link and just get to the game, how do I join one of these factions? I’m lvl 10 and play obsessively.

just copy one of the links and paste it somewhere, then delete the “amp;” so that there’s “…source=finv&kv…”

It was pretty tough for me to join faction, considering how many of them were in offer. It just seemed to me, that their demands was too high.

Therefore I’m starting this thread to help starting factions to raise number of their members and on the other hand to help people find their way to faction without waiting days without result.

So in the first place I want to invite you to join our faction:

And last but not least I want to more starting factions with around 5 members to contribute with their joining links.

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My faction has 7 good members, but needs more and active people only please!

By TYRANNICAL! Join today :)

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We are 9 active players at the moment…but wanting more:


pls level 9+

cya :)

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2 active french players,
all level !

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I’ve just started a faction…
tough going on your own, come join me…

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faction (level 2, 142 ranking) is looking for active members,level 15+

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Faction looking for any members who want to join who are level 7+. Currently faction level 1.

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TYRANNICAL is looking for strong players, level 12+ and active individuals!

We WIN in my faction, and like the feeling :)

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We are currently level 2 nearly 3

What we offer:
- Advice in deck methods
- Help with raids
- Good treat
- Cookies

- Spend +200 stamina daily
- Over 13 years old
- At least level 18
- Participation
- Enthusiasm
- Dedication
- Friendly
- Mature
- Active

Available spots: 3

Feel free to pm me

Click here to apply

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we have 8 members who are highly active, our FP is currently at 182

We need more active members to ease wars

we do not ask for people to waste warbonds or anything, just to help out in the wars

looking for high level members around 12 and up but as long as you are active with the game, I do not mind adding you

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We are but few, but we hope that people will join looking for people level 10+ who are active and looking for a friendly faction.

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(dont forget to remove “amp;” =D)

EBM-Stomp till death”

Searching for some others… its boring to kick some a** alone.
FP: 61 – Why not more? Iam fkn alone (Energy?!)! So come on!

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we are 11 member level 2 faction. We have 3 free loaders but we keep them until full. Feel free to join

Any loyalty points over 30 stays regardless of rank.

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Shadow Watch Mercs
1 space for Level 17+ and Active

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@ricky, you can apply at our faction:

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New. Join.

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Level 1 faction, half way to level 2. I’m very active, level 17. Looking for anyone who will put some effort into wars.

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3 lv 13’s, one 12 looking for more pplz. faction : That Purple Stuff

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Just apply!
Every one invited :)

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Recruiting – Good War record – Raids available

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