Rules Regarding Faction Recruitment! (locked)

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You really should only bump if you have important updates, or you are making a necessary post in your thread. Maybe if it’s been a day or two, you can bump to get active again. But anymore than a few bumps in a row will likely get your thread locked for being an inactive thread, or posts deleted to debump the thread.

As for getting your thread locked – if it is locked for being a spam recruitment thread, you may be limited to only sharing your faction recruitment link in the official stickied recruitment thread located at the top of the forum. You guys are great about flagging posts when need be, so that can easily be monitored. :)

Please do not make new recruitment threads if you already have one, or your old one has been locked. Please do not make recruitment threads with misleading titles, such as “OMG TYRANT 2?” or “CLICK HERE! FREE STUFF”. Your title should reflect your faction.

Faction threads should be used for organizing events, recruiting new members, and discussing faction related matters. Faction threads should not be used simply for advertising your faction, or bumping it over and over. You can use this thread to advertise.

If you come across a post or thread that you feel needs looking at, please flag the first post or post in questions to let us know!

Thank you!