Botting/Multi-accounting not allowed (locked)

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We’ve received numerous reports over the last week of players and factions using scripts/bots to automate battles. This is not allowed. We will be updating the Terms of Service shortly to clarify this issue. Any continued use of scripting after the ToS has been updated will result in a warning or a temporary or permanent ban, depending on the severity of the violation. In addition, factions found guilty of continued scripting may be disbanded.

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There has been some confusion about what type of behavior is acceptable in Tyrant. In order to clarify our stance on various issues such as multi-accounting and scripting, we are formalizing an updated Terms of Service. This will take approximately 48 hours, and the updated version will appear in the description text of the Tyrant app. We will also make a stickied post about it.

We apologize for not being clear on our terms sooner. Scripting, multi-accounting, and sharing accounts are strictly forbidden. Once our Terms of Service are updated, we expect full compliance. Failure to adhere to the ToS after it is updated may result in punishment entirely at our own discretion.

We have our own methods in place to detect exploitation. You may let us know of alleged exploits, but we will not use ‘evidence’ such as screenshots as a basis for punishment.