[Battlestar Galactica Online] General Strategies

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Share any strategy input you’d like.

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Well I’m just getting started in BSO. It looks like Eve-online, but not nearly as complicated. Mature community. (One guy actually apologized for his wingman being rude.) I wish there was something to do for industrialists like myself. Otherwise, BSO is good in its own right.

The tutorial mining mission kicked my butt a few times, until I reconsidered the instructions. By “keep your distance”, they mean to do a “running battle”. Fire a couple of missiles, turn and retreat to 1200, turn around, repeat as necessary.

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Played this game for two months now.

Tips for playing the game

- Don’t spend cubits on repairs, use titanium instead.
- When you see an enemy fleet coming, jump out. I seen some newbies stay behind and blow up in 5 seconds.
- When choosing a ship after the tut, choose the viper(raider for cylons) and fill up some engine slots with gyros.(faster turn rate = easier to stay on an enemy’s six)
- Use the right mouse button at an end of a turn to avoid overturing.
- Avoid high level players in strikes, their guns combined can deal up to 200 damage per second.
- Use mining cannons to mine, they have a damage multiplier and saves you ammo.

Quick guide of those “big” ships you see.

Escorts: The anti strike ship, smaller than a Line ship.

Two guns in front.
One gun on each side. (two on each side if it’s an advance version)
Guns deal 10 to 25 damage at level 1
Guns deal 20 to 50 damage at level 10
Long range guns shoot up 1350 units
Missiles deal 40 to 100 at all levels

Lines: Those gigantic ships with guns that misses your tiny ship all the time
Two guns on front
Two guns on each side (Three on each side if it’s the advance version)
Guns deal 35 to 70 damage at level 1
Guns deal 70 to 140 damage at level 10
Long range guns shoot up to 2000 units
Missiles deal 50 to 150 damage

Missiles: The annoying beep beep sound

Missiles can be shoot down, target missile hot key is Z
It is possible to block missiles with your own ship even though they are targeting a different ship.
Attempting to lead the missiles into an enemy ship would not work, they just fly though.
Make sharp turns to avoid missiles (but not into the missiles), they will run out of fuel soon.

Line missile speed is 80
Escort missile speed is around 100
Strike missile speed is around 120(Different if you are using the ones that deal 55 to 200 damage)

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Important safety tip: listen to the music. The soundtrack is context-sensitive, and divided into three categories. Obviously, fight music means someone is actually shooting at you.If you hear peaceful ambient music, you are safe-ish for now.Suspenseful music means someone from a different faction is close by. So listen for the change from ambient to suspenseful, and then put on your pants!

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just started it for 1 month now.


When taking heavy fire, try to 1)turn and weave as much as possible 2) retreat to the safety of your friendly fleet 3) Boost far and away from those heavy ships before attempting to jump to another sector.

At long range, every kind of autocannon seems to miss alot. It wastes a lot of ammo when you are doing very little damage. i realize that you should only attack from a cannon’s effective range, which you can see in it’s info page.

Missles are highly effective. however, they can only lock on and fire at targets above 200 distance. try using the ‘longbow’ missle launcher.It can lock on to targets from 1200 distance away instead of 800. meaning, you can fire two missles before you get into 200 distance of the enemy if you are approaching the target at 50.0 speed. better then the standard missle launcher which can only fire 1 missle in the short period.

My fav. weapons loadout: Viper MKII: two long range autocannons( they have higher accuracy and longer ranges, making it easier for newbies to use) and the longbow missle launcher( same thing, long range and better ease of use.)

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Top general strategy: join a good wing!
They will tell you everything u need to know about the game, so you don’t do nonsense like two long range guns and a longbow ml on a mkII viper…

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when in doubt run like hell thats what i do and dying does not do much as of yet it just reswpans you like a huge FPS game you don lose anything.

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@carki Your wrong you loose durability and when your durability goes down to under 20%
performance will be dropped Hull Weapons Speed Electronics

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I think the titanium is pretty easy to acquire so you shouldn’t be too worried about getting repairs. But yeah, watch your durability for needed repairs that are crucial for overall performance.