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This is compilation of what I consider to be the best findings in the "Quad Walker..." original thread,

made to avoid reposting and to set an example of what a "good finding" is.

Note: Avoid posting comparisons in this thread, post everything in the original "Quad Walker..." post,

and if it’s good I’ll include it here. I wouldn't like to see this thread become just a second "Quad walker… ", that

would be simply pointless.

I'm going to include card/photo comparisons and card/card comparisons

"Quad Walker..." original thread: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/65-tyrant/topics/152008-quad-walker?page=1


Originally posted by Johnny93:

Originally posted by Daelan:
Originally posted by Daelan:
Originally posted by Zgrzyt:

Note on this one: Freddie's gun and hands are clearly taken from the rambo pic, while the head is taken from somewhere else

Originally posted by Moonfrost:

Originally posted by Letni_budyn:

Originally posted by keekjkeee:

Originally posted by Draconavin:

Originally posted by Moonfrost:

Originally posted by AllantXII:

Hmm, I’ve noticed this one since I first saw it, but I forgot to post it here:


Regigigas from Pokemon

I know it’s not a perfect match, but it’s close in my opinion.

Originally posted by Omnicide:
Originally posted by bobbbbbbbb:

i believe that is the wrong pic. feel free to post more pics of hawt sexy nurses.

Well, it might be a bit hard to see due to the pictures being mirrored, so I’ll make it easier:

The lineart is a bit different, but the general composition is pretty much the same, except the cleaver and blood all over the place ofc ( Colours and form of the hat, hair strands, short sleeve ).
What convinced me, though, is the hair on her forehead and the way her pupils are located – the right one in the corner and the left one in the center.

Originally posted by TehRedBaron:

These look quite similar to me:

Originally posted by Omnicide:

Seems to me that Stormrunner was traced from Dodge Tomahawk :3

Here’s a comparison pic:

Similarities: double wheels, the blue lights are on the same places as the dark blue thingies on tomahawk (Especially in relation to other bike parts ), wheel+lights became the rider :3


Originally posted by Omnicide:

Also, a few hunches:
= ( Droideka from Star Wars )

Originally posted by Luijs:

ths Freddie-pic combined with the rambopic??

Originally posted by ironcladrook:

Yurich looks like Bruce Willis from Tears of the Sun.

Originally posted by catpaw:

I found the image of Bianca pretty exactly without blood etc. on the internet with gazopa.com similar image search:

However, that doesn’t yet tell who she is. And the webpage it is hosted on is otherwise useless. Telling from nose, form of head, etc. Its likely the same woman young and older. I believe the right one is Jane Fonda in her elder days, but does the younger side really match Barbarella? Hmm..

Originally posted by Tokenator:
Originally posted by moonvomit666:

Orbo reminds me of 343 Guilty Spark from Halo

orbo & the other thingie

Originally posted by craftymofo:

Burning Man

Missile silo

Credit goes to this guy

Originally posted by Tokenator:


may be based on the brain thingy from Metroid series

E: Bad picture, I know but couldn’t find better at 2 in the morning

Originally posted by Intrepid64:

Note the angles of the missiles.

Funnily enough, the bottom pic was a humorously-intended photoshopped response to… Iran’s photoshopped “missile test”.

Originally posted by TenTonTrucker:

Didn’t realize there was a topic like this already. I posted this elsewhere.

Originally posted by Moonfrost:

Jaws are pretty similar.

Originally posted by theunlimitedg:

Funny its named after its sworn enemy lol

Originally posted by Weily:
Originally posted by Kingdent256:

looks like the orb-like things in the lower background of

Reminds me of

Originally posted by viiviwagner:

was this already pointed out?

Originally posted by RandomGui:

And what about:

Originally posted by SilverRose7:

Okay, so the younger version of Lord Halcyon might not be in Tyrant, but don’t care.~
I thought it was worth posting. Certainly better than some of the junk in here already. >,>

Siege Captain Halcyon - Ed Harris:


Plus, Kaya, otherwise known as the chick on Gold packs:

Originally posted by ladolcevita:

Tremor Wyrm:

Your standard issue shower-head:

Dracus Wyrm:

Your fancy luxury/massage shower-head:


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Sorry if I forgot to include any good ones, I'll try to order the post some more later by separating card/photo and card/card relations

not included yet:

all the cards with missiles like the ones in barrange tank

all the cards with white faced xenos


Originally posted by Moonfrost:

Originally posted by Moonfrost:

Originally posted by swishscoop:
Originally posted by swishscoop:

Power generator and artillery encampment are both manned by the raider infantry from mission 1 :)

imo they look like jawas :D

Originally posted by thugaim42:


Originally posted by Silvoz:

You see the Phoenix here?

You see more Phoenix here?

Originally posted by Scudworth:

More Raider Xeno one-upping.

Originally posted by Omnicide:

The bases are the same

The rockets are the same

Originally posted by Aftermath123:

This is so obvious that I really can’t believe this hasn’t been done already:

Originally posted by Caad:

this two are probably cousins or something

Originally posted by craftymofo:
Originally posted by AllDay777:
Originally posted by Euraxus:

idk how to make pics, either, but seriously.

Easily. Just with glowing eyes.


Fixed, not half-assedly

Originally posted by Dudleydino:
Originally posted by Euraxus:

Originally posted by Caad:
Originally posted by Euraxus:

There’s also Elena’s hat with the symbol imprinted on the side of Asylum. Too lazy to find the pics, though. Whoever never noticed that. Ever. Is partially a moron.

also war bonds and in the info tab of factions

it's also the medal of completed achievements and its in Thadius tatoo !http://images.wikia.com/warmetal/images/3/3d/Dutch.jpg!

Originally posted by Moonfrost:

Let me add some obviousness:

I hope new cards will revive this awesome thread.

Originally posted by Euraxus:
Originally posted by hamster240:

I dont have pictures but, Mass infestor and corpse retriever are basically the same thing

I personally don’t think that its too hard to spot that, unless you’ve never seen either card before.

Originally posted by Caad:

Originally posted by SuZume:

this is a find of lazyforlife:

Originally posted by Caad:

Originally posted by Euraxus:
Originally posted by x3mS:

backgrounds are the same-ish…..

Originally posted by giplaw:

since im fail sauce and cant be bothered to learn how to post pictures im just going to say that hydra also has that backround

Reaper has that background, too :3

EDIT: Reaper’s is sort of a zoomed out version of Demolish

Originally posted by Invents:

The unit beeing “healed” on the card Revitalize is an Terminator.

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You should probably just show the ones that have the exact original, but slightly modified (and remove the unconfirmed inspirations for a different thread so that one gets spammed with useless comments)… And I was making one that was more organized than quoting people :P

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I wanted to give credit people for their findings, so quotes were necessary :P
I’ll erase all the comments and leave just the images with the names though

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Where’s our gorilla with the plasma cannon?

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How about O RLY Owl and Petrisis. They used the Owl outline for Petresis’s head.

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I like how practically everyone is traced over, then flipped. Is that to stop an automatic-suing-algorithm from locating them as easily? :P

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I also suggest renaming the thread to:

The Best of Quad Walker

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Speaking of Quad Walker,isn’t it one of this?

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“I also suggest renaming the thread to: The Best of Quad Walker”

How about:

“Quad Walker: Texas Ranger.”

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Nice compilation, good work.

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Originally posted by SolaceAvatar:

I like how practically everyone is traced over, then flipped. Is that to stop an automatic-suing-algorithm from locating them as easily? :P

1. Find picture of sexy girl.
2. Flip it.
3. Add some weapon (Cleaver, AK-47 and so on)
4. Cover her with blood (optional)
5. …
6. PROFIT!!!

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no reason why this is below the original quadwalker deck packed with monkey shet, let’s pull it back up…

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Someone, PM Draconavn to put this next to original thread (which kinda got spammed to death) in FAQ

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still incomplete though. for example, it doesn’t have my hydroblade and poseidon finds. but i’m not 100% sure yet about the elena similarity someone pointed out in the army women pic i posted.

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Nice work. Where are the SHOWERHEADS though!

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Azure Reaper is a Sustainer Xolan flying backwards! (in case you want to add it)
And both bear a strong resemblance (at least the wings) to Phoenix.

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Whar’z mah Hellion find? o3o

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I’m noticing I can’t see some of the card pictures from the wiki. Anyone else having this problem?
Let me know so I can see if can find them in other site to replace them

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WHERE ARE MY SHOWERHEADS?!! No, just kidding.

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can’t find the pictures, but

“Drones” and “Cerberus” are from the EXACT same model

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Not sure if this is what is being pointed out in the Rifter pic, but aside from the phoenix flying in the background, the back half of the Rifter is a phoenix.

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wheres the shower heads?

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one of our showerheads is missing.

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Showerheads added!