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this is a simple game but one where a guide would be nice.

when I say a guide, i mean something like a forum topic or webpage or even something inside that game that gives info like the xp needed for each level, weapon and armor stats (incoluding when u unlock the ability to buy them), and builds that have been found to work well.

as far as that last part, a build I have found to work decent is 1 pt str, 1 pt in energy, and 1 pt in something else each level.

pros: high damage and u can level quickly

cons: lower crt rates, hp, and accuracy and well as fewer pvp battles.

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I just thought about it and the library might be a good place to put a guide or at least a lot of helpful info. u could even organize them into books.

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just level ene & stam until you have about 200-240 each wich means you wont loose on regeneration while you sleep etc. then when you got enough ene & stam from your levels you can think about respeccing to combat stats.

also dont sell any items because items are hard to get you need weapons for allys and the rest might be usefull later also you get more than enough gold from raids and quest.

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Has anyone found any use for non-weapon items further in the game?

I mean since you mention they might be useful, and I’ve been selling them…?

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lets put it simplly, u reach the mid 30s and buying everything is a simple gesture.

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Maybe in book 1 things get easy to buy but most items in book 2 cost around 100k gold.