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Alright, so I’m mostly quitting because this game is too platinum driven.
Anything good requires plat, and while you can receive some legendary items from raids, from the ones in first zone its pretty much just 2 weapons, 1 cloak and 1 rare chest that are useful. And the odds of getting them are very, very, very rare.

Even if the zone 2 raids have more useful loot, the odds on getting them aren’t likely to be better.

Everything requires plat
→ starting the good bosses
→ buying scrolls
→ buying the good armor / weapons / or chests
→ resetting stat points

Most of which are fairly important.

And as someone that has spent 100 kreds on this game, I don’t feel it’s worth it to spend anymore time on, so good luck everyone and have fun.

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i disagree :)

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Ok i agree that raid bosses shouldnt cost plat to summon and think that there should be one free stat reset before they cost plat. Or maybe one free reset every month or something. Scrolls are really just a little bonus dmg and extra chances to get better loot so im ok with plat there but maybe add them as a loot option on raids as well. As far as gear goes i do ok for myself collecting raid loot. Not the best geared in game or anything but i hold my own and the drop rates seem decent to me on the really good stuff. I got a red and a few yellow drops so far.

Hope you change your mind as i enjoyed gaming with you but if not best of luck.

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We all have the choice to play or not to play a game.
The problem is not from platinium… I’m ok with the fact that players who pay should have advantages for helping the game to survive and develop further. I disagree when you disadvantage those who can’t pay because they don’t have money to put in a game, life is not easy for everyone and remind that people here are from different country with different revenue and sometimes no revenue at all. having a computer and an Internet connection is really a big luxury in the major part of the world.

But how to make everyone happy ?
- Give the opportunity to buy 1 platinum at the cost of 50.000 gold or 100.000 gold. gold is useless when you have like me all the possible gear that you can buy with gold and all the allies weapon too. what should i do with my gold ? if i could buy some platinium with my gold, i could sometimes buy a scroll :) or launch a boss too :)
it’s hard to have 100.000 gold, you need lot of nrj or stamina, that’s suppose that you are at lvl 20/30 + and that ’s not a disadvantage to players who can easily pay to have quick platinium.
And someone could hope that he will one day have enough gold to buy a gear that cost 20 platinium too… instead of quitting like george who think it is “too money driven”

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more like 40$, you know, the price of a couple of movies, which are enjoyable for a few hours, compared to… however long people want to play the game.
seems like updates are regular and the community is growing, so I happy that any cash they make is getting put to a good use.

At the moment I’m getting regular platinum from raids, so my wishes for the game are just more expansions :)

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i’m always doing raid, and if you look carefully i’m sometimes the n°1 for damage and the final killer… and i never get plattinium or good loot from raid. I don’t think it’s only bad luck… rewards are not good enough even when your the top raider. I don’t use scroll but it is strange to use platinium to buy a scroll and hope for a platinium loot in a raid?
i think that the reward are not correctly spare… evryone win 5 loot even if they make 1.000 damage, and you don’t have really better loot even on doing more than 300.000 damage :(

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I know the free to play model is relatively new to hardcore gamers so I’m going to chime in. You can go to Best Buy and pay $20-$60 for a game and play it for 2-200 hours. I know I’ve bought games and never played them again after spending 15 min with them. That gets expensive. It’s one of the reasons companies like Netflix and Gamefly are killing it. They just make sense. It’s also one of the reasons the free to play model is becoming so popular.

You can play this game for as long as you like for free and there are options to pay if you like the game and want more of it. You can wait and hope you get lucky like Jarty or maybe you’ll get unlucky like Giga. It’s YOUR choice and I hope everyone has fun playing. It’s impossible to make everyone happy all the time though.

Zeme, I used to like you ;-). 20 lines of code? Please send me your code or let me borrow your elite coding skills.

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How I hate to being referred in such matters as directly or indirectly.
I dont whrite this only because zeme111 post, but because of everything
that happens in the past days.I do not want to attack anybody, but every day
someone fuck me in the head with:
Why so huge lvl, whay this all items, about money, can i be our friend etc.

And i will try in as short statement say a few things:

Firstly I have 25 years and my own company with 12 employees with university- certificates:
2 engineer, 8 electrician and 2 chemist and me CEO. With annual revenue of + – 3,500,000.00 Hrn or 679,331.89 U.S dollars and every year rising.
I should earn + – 200,000.00 HRK = 38,986.46 USD each month for wages, tax (ony tax cost me every month about 10.000 – 15.000 $) and the pension, health care and other expenses for all my workers. I will not to write, because not important for this case. I told the punch line.
Think ppl that this is easy? I am under stress every day, their lives and the lives of their families depends on me, and if i dont pay their salary they go to work elsewhere and i cant ALLOW this, because depend on my future work and my future life.

I never play game and pay for it, this is the exception. I initially saw it as something fun with a very high potential and therefore say to myself, why not invest in this project. When i dont work, fuck, drink, live, eat, being out or with my girl or until i search/contracted new business for my company, I play this game and when i already play and spend my time on it I want that this game is how I want.

If it means 130 $ why not, I have them. Im sorry for people who do not have money but
I am not to blame for their situation. Or who do not want to give money because some principles. Or some other reason but i respect all of that. I do not take drugs, ok only good weed sometimes :) i dont spent on D&G, Armani, cars, whores etc. although i can. Example: Going to food shop and spend 200 $ and for two week that food does not exist anymore. Eated/shited in the end.

And just to know I donated last year 15,000.00 HRK = 2,921.53 USD $ to Clinic where the children suffering from incurable brain cancer.

I just dont want that my name mentioned in future negative contexts, as I do every penny its bloody hard and earn. And when i earn it i can spend it how I want, even if it in this kind of project.

And for the end please do not spam/wisp me anymore in game, send requests, or e-mails even though I was not clear from where you get my email to some of them. You can but not without good reason.

My english is not the best and that is why I will not go in deeper debate.

And totally agree with Gigathorn in the above post. There are no rules for raid, from 19 raid what i kill the boss in + – 12,13 was first with a max dmg sometimes 100 k+,200k,300 k and max what i done 400k+ and kill, every time shitty items and no plat.
Should be a some kind of rule.

  • All sums what i write today is to exchange rate list HRN to US.

All this is life. We live how we want and how we can it, right? I live for sure.. because there’s only one life and every second is irreversible.

Thank you for your time that you spent reading this statement.
Enjoy pople.

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so much letters SASP main thing is
All this is life. We live how we want and how we can it, right? I live for sure.. because there’s only one life and every second is irreversible.
I will say much easy with my bad english. i have 1 main right spend my money as i whant.