[Chronicles of Herenvale] Quests versus Raids

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Is there a reason to do quests when raids are available? It seems like the quests give only a fraction of the gold and items. Is there more to them?

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later quests give more xp and better items.
Once you complete the entire quest line(and rank up to adventurer) the items and chances of receiving them improve and you can also start better raids(I think, although the raids might just be level based)

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Oh, cool, thanks for the info.

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raids are level based.

this is shown on the screen where u select the boss to summon before u select it.

Tier I Apprentice (levels 1-20)
Tier II Adventurer (levels 21-50)
Tier III Master (levels 51+)
Tier IV Legend (coming soon)

(though i don’t know anyone of level 21 who is at adventurer yet or even anyone at 40 or below)

also, there are some raids that use stamina instead of energy. In those cases it becomes pvp or raids. personally i prefer these raids.