[Chronicles of Herenvale] Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a question? Submit it to support@mososh.com. If you are the first person to submit your question and we use it in our FAQ, we’ll enter you in our weekly drawing to win 20 Platinum.

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Q. How do I get allies?

A. You can send other players an ally request from their profile screen. You can get to a player’s profile screen by clicking on their name anywhere in the game. Two good ways to find players are either on the Battle screen or by joining raids and finding their name in the Attacker list. Just click on their name then look down below the image of their hero and you’ll see the link to send them a request.

Q. How do I check if I have any ally requests?

A. When you first sign in or load the game, you will see a short list of messages. You can click the “More” link there or from the Home screen to see all your messages. In order to view just ally messages, click the Allies button at the top of the game next to the map then click the ally requests link.

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Q. Should I join a raid or start a raid?

A. If you’re new, you should probably join a raid. Look for a raid boss that is low on health or a raid that already has a lot of players in it. That way the boss will probably be killed quickly and you can score some fast loot.

Q. How do I join a raid?

A. The easiest way is to mouseover the “Your Raids” text in the header area then click the “View Shared” link. You’ll then see all the shared raids you can join on the right hand side of the screen.

Q. How do I start a raid?

A. Click the Raids button in the header area to see the different regions available to you. Then click the Details button for the region you wish to choose a boss from. You’ll see the different special pieces of loot for that region and a Bosses button. Click the Bosses button to see the bosses and view their details. Once you find the boss you are looking for and save up the necessary gold or platinum, you can launch the boss and summon your allies and others to help.

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Q. Is there a wiki or anything for this game?

A. Yes. We’ve started one here: http://chroniclesofherenvale.wikia.com/wiki/Chronicles_Of_Herenvale_Wiki (and thanks to the players who have contributed!)

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Q. Do my strength, speed, knowledge and fortitude affect my raid damage?

A. Not at this time.

Q. How does raid damage work?

A. Raid damage is based on your equipped weapons and the number of allies you have. When you attack in a raid, each of your allies is given one weapon from your inventory. If you don’t have any extra weapons in your inventory or you have fewer extra weapons than allies, some of your allies won’t attack with you. You can also get bonus damage if any of your equipped items have raid damage specials. Scroll damage is also based on all of the damage that your attack does (including your ally damage). The first five allies are the most important, then the next five, then the next ten, then the next ten, then the next seventy (up to 100), then the next 50 (up to 150). Most important means their damage is weighted more heavily than the next group. 150 is the max allies that can help.

Q. Is berserk more powerful than a regular attack?

A. No. Berserk simply allows you to do bigger attacks which saves you time and is generally more fun (at least in our experience).

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Q. How many loot items do I get in a raid?

A. It depends. Everyone starts with the chance to get 5 items. There is a very small chance that you get 4 items.

All Raid Tiers
Dmg < 10 = 1 (max tier = grey)
Dmg < 100 = 2 (max tier = green)
Dmg < 500 * Raid Tier = 3 (max tier = green)

Tier 4
Dmg < 10,000 = 3 (max tier = green)

Tier 3
Dmg < 5,000 = 3 (max tier = green)

Q. Can I get a legendary by farming Tier 1 raids?

A. No

Q. Do red/artifact items drop in raids?

A. No.

Q. What are the damage levels to increase my chance of Platinum drops?

A. 50,000 – 100,000 – 200,000

Q. What are the attacker positions to increase my chance of Platinum drops?

A. 1 and 2

Q. What other helpful info do you have?

A. The loot drop calculations are based on your level as well as the Tier of the raid. You have better chances of getting better drops if you are battling raids at your level. For example, a level 100 player battling Tier 2 raids is penalized as far as drops go.

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Q. What Tier do legendary drops start?

A. Tier 2 but you must be level 20 or higher to get a legendary drop in a raid.

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Q. What stat buffs your progress depending on the type of quest?

A. Strength – Attack and Smash. Speed – Stalk, Chase, Dodge, Run, Climb. Knowledge – Search and Talk. Fortitude – Sneak, Travel, Camp.