[Chronicles of Herenvale] First, and likely, last impression

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So, I saw this game in the featured section, and I decided it was worth poking at it for a while to see if it was fun.

After my poking, I concluded with this: No, its not fun, at least for me.

First, the UI is terribly unreactive to my mouse clicks. After clicking on the “Profile” button (as the game tells me to), it tells me to equip a Leather Jerkin, which, I cannot see anywhere on the profile page. I only see a sword, which I try to drag and drop to equip, but that apparently fails.

I come back to the same profile page again, and I somehow managed to find the pieces of equipment that I’ve collected from quests, but again, UI is unreactive and refuses to show any indication that I’ve equipped the items, despite dragging and dropping the items on the protrait, or clicking repeatedly on the item or even clicking on the character protrait equipment slots itself. None of that worked obviously. (hence the post)

Anyway, I’ve also tried to use my stats points, which, again, UI is unreactive despite my clicking of the green text, as it tells me to.

Either way, the UI seems to be very much cluttered with alot of things (raids, battles, everything) and its very confusing and unappealing to someone who is being plagued by bugs.

Next, would be the apparent depth of the gameplay. I’ve clicked on the Fight button to do Quests a few times. Without doing anything else, it appears I’ve won/completed the quest. How? Why? I don’t know? Perhaps just the sheer effort of clicking the button results in a win? I don’t know? I don’t even know if there are battles being “fought” or RNGs rolling or any of the jargon that makes the game roll.

All I see is, click, win. Click, win. Rinse and repeat.

Combine that with the UI bugs I faced. Boring, buggy game is now my impression.

Finally, I come to forums, trying to look for a possible solution. There is none. (so I’m assuming the bug should be a result of my outdated flash/web browser? I’m not sure)

Anyway, the game has gave me a very bad first impression. It is unlikely that I’ll return to the game. (I think I would in, maybe, a month when my anmesia kicks in then I forget everything about this….)

Either way, the dev appears to be quite active (speaking in relative terms of dev activity) on these forums, which was why I even bothered to type out this post.

I’m sorry if I’ve made harsh comments, but I really cannot be bothered to solve/bughunt to play a game where I’ve had a very poor impression for the first five minutes I’ve touched it.

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Thanks for stopping by and the feedback, Light. Maybe your post will help others and it will definitely help us. It sounds like either you ran into either some serious network lag or potentially a browser issue (if you’re using an older version, that could be the case). I don’t use flash where typically the whole game doesn’t work or it does. I use html and javascript so if an image or javascript file is downloading slowly, you might see the behavior you experienced. The good thing about html/javascript is it will work on things like the iphone/ipad without creating a separate version.

I think there have been some great improvements since launching a few weeks ago and I’ll definitely be making more – both in terms of gameplay and the UI. Maybe if you come back, you’ll have a better experience but regardless, I appreciate your time.

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I’m glad the time I’ve spent posting was not wasted.

While it is very unlikely I decide to return to the game, I think an important issue is to make the game seem more appealing by showing some potiential in the gameplay right off the bat.

As it is now, I’ve only saw Click fight button → Win fight → Repeat. The impression a person gets from very visually bland gameplay is…. well, not good at all.

Either way, the browser I am using is Firefox, and the time I tried the game was around the time of posting. (about 5mins before or so) I do not think it was an issue of outdated browser, because Firefox initiated an auto version update quite recently. (within the week)

Hm, that’s about it. GL. I’m not going to be looking at this thread any more, so it can be locked, if need be.

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I was expecting something way different. yay for more games exactly lole those already spammed all over facebook (note the sarcasm). Just when i thought those games would die off i now see they expanded to Kong. From the 2 minutes i played i will at least give you credit for making slight changes to the overdone mafia war type games. Om sure you will do just fine though since a lot of people still like these games. Unfortunately i never was a fan of these games so i cant really say much other than be more creative.