[Business Tycoon Online] Compensation for All Players Due to Factory Goods Problem

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In the past few days, a lot of BTO players have suffered from a problem that they could not produce normal goods for sale in stores or trade center. This problem has been fixed after the routine maintenance on 07-04-2011 PDT.

We are sorry about this problem. It might cause you a lot of troubles. To recover losses we suggest you to sell all abnormal goods you’ve produced to system. All BTO players who have registered before 07-04-2011 19:00 PDT can receive 4 Common Raw Material Cards, 2 Advanced Raw Material Cards as compensation (All upresentable). These compensated items will be delivered to your My Items automatically as long as long you log in the game during the time from July 5, 2011 00:00 PDT to July 6, 2011 00:00 PDT.

Enjoy the game.
BTO Team