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I’m making this thread for two purposes: first, to submit to the community the responses I’ve gotten back from Dovogame staff and second to hopefully give them a idea of the number of greviences the playerbase has with their product.

I consider myself a avid bug reporter, in if I see a malfunction I will try and report it to the best of my ability. It has always had bonuses in most of the games that I’ve played, in one way or another. However, I’d like to submit to you the report I sent last night, which highlights several problems with the game applet, and the response I got back.

“I took a curios glance at the kong bto page in google chrome on my computer, as I was curios why the actual page was not showing up with a flash file on right click, and think I’ve found part of the root of the problems happening on this server. According to the developer tools – scripts tool in chrome, there are over 8000 uncaught errors in the period of a hour, ranging from simple null calls(not that worrisome), to several undefined indexes and unexpected tokens. The most common errors are “cannot read property ‘value’ of null”, “Cannot call method ‘toLowercase’ of null”, “efforttree_Tpl is not defined”, and “unexpected token ‘)’”. I don’t have the time to sit down and actually slog through the code, but it may be pertinant to take a look through the loops and see why these function calls are erroring, and if this has anything to do with the strangeness we’ve been expiriencing on this server. Thank you."(I’ve taken out all the character escaping for neatness’s sake.)

“Dear Issi, we have filed your words and will submit to the related department for further check. Thank you so much for your support and patience. Wish you good luck.”

Normally, I’d think nothing of it, however this is not the first bug report I’ve seen handled this way. To the contrary, anything sent as a suggestion has much the same response. On the flip side, I saw them handle a bug report I submitted about the cool down timers handled with quick efficiency(Turns out my CMOS battery had given up the dirt, and the computer thought it was late 2005. Date was right, year was wrong.)

Lets get some of these responses out in the air, and hopefully we can change all of our expiriences for the better!

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I also have recieved a response to a suggestion I submitted.

“The difficulty of upgrading attire items past level 6 in this game is ridiculous, and I know I’m not the only player who feels this way. It has been a discussion in-game chat and on the kong chat channel, and the recent event Freedom Eden has really brought it to light for most players. While some difficulty is expected, the fact that you are penalized after level 6 for failing once back down to 6 makes it next to impossible for the casual player to do, and unless you toss hundreds of dollars at the problem, darn near impossible. As a group, we’d like to ask you to either lessen the chance of failure for upgrading, or remove the demotion penalty. Thank you, and we’ll all be waiting to hear from you.”

“Dear Issi, we have recorded your words and will submit to the related department. Thank you so much for your support and patience. Wish you good luck.”

Somehow, I’m not suprised.

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Its great you are taking the time to file these suggestions. I know with most companies, customer support are not the highest or best trained employees. My personal guess is that they have a standard form they must fill out, and a generic response all suggestions are to be given. Then they pass it along to someone who looks it over, and prioritizes them. Then, like bug reports, they probably turn them into work order or work tickets, and they get further prioritized. As for the others they get sent to a different group who will look over them, and in many cases things are “working as intended”. Do not get too discouraged, cause if we continue to put in our suggestions, a few of them will stick, and the fact we care enough to send in suggestions may sway them to make a few suggestions realities. So keep up the good work, and keep reporting things.

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All I can say is that they’re money grubbing *********

Interpret the * how you will.

The response to the tickets I’ve submitted personally are less than pleasing and anything outside of their standard reply is either rude, condescending or has typo’s.

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I simply wanted to add that I had complained about this topic some 7 times and have gotten quite upset at the response. The age-old ‘Your comment has been filed’. Similar too, ‘Thanks for comming to the interview, we’ll keep your resume on file’.
I would appreciate the game much more if they would spend a little time fixing the little bugs instead of programming new events for the purpose of generating revenue.


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I vote rate down the game until you get a satisfactory response.

Other than quitting the game that is the only consumer power that we have at the moment to send a message through to the developers.

There was also talks regarding having a moderator for the kongregate forums. This evidently hasn’t been initiated either.