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Let me start off by saying, I’ve been playing for a good while now, and up until recently I’ve very much enjoyed this game.

I’m sure it’s been mentioned, but the most recent update implemented has kind of ruined the game for me.

There are several things contributing.

A lot of it for me was the chat. I enjoyed (sometimes, in various stages of inebriation) hanging out in chat. The gameplay has been made so that there’s no reason to be on here for more than a few minutes at a time. You pop on, and wait just long enough to find a place to dump your stamina, an’ there’s no reason to stay on. Now, yeah, this may sound exactly like it’s always been to some. But it used to be worth it, to hang out, an’ shoot the shit with other players long enough to get that next ’zerk in, or to see what the boss drops. Which brings me to my next point:

The raid tables. Though yes, it’s awesome to know how much damage it requires to get X percent chance to get Y drop or whatever, the increase has been so much that, even as a high level player (I’m currently level 115), I can only effectively hit one raid a day. There’s no longer a point in throwing a “mere 80 or 90 stamina” into a Nyx III, for example. Which brings me to point three:

Lack of platinum. When I could get a couple platinum from raids, on a good day, I was inclined to throw my own stamina raids out on occasion. I (amongst others) won’t be throwing out those stamina raids any time soon. And that’s going to reduce the number of raids, in turn reducing the number of possible acquired platinum, ad neaseum. I understand the point of platinum is to create income for the game. An’ making them more rare is a way to further that generation, but it’s gotten to a point where it’s not worth it to not be a paying player. Which seems a good way to drive off the free playerbase.

Just observations, all this. I can’t speak for business, obviously, or I’d be marketing instead of ranting about someone else’s games. I’m sure the game’s doing well. I’m just beginning to enjoy it less and less. And I know I’m not the only one having these thoughts.

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from what ive seen the plat drop hasnt changed, they still have the same requirements. ive had a plat drop while only getting 4 items.

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Even if those levels are static (which I don’t think they are), one still doesn’t join enough raids to make use of it.

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Having 600+ energy makes energy raids easy to get to the max bonus level however only having 180 stam personally make it take at least an entire day and a half, with 3 level ups, on a raid to get the max bonus level on a tier III. On a tier IV I have to join the raid right around when it first starts to even have a chance to get bonus level 7. I even spent a lot of points into stam which makes it much easier for me even to do this, which makes me feel bad for those who havent sunk many or hardly any points into stam and only have 80-120 about. It seems like any bonus level other than 7 is useless as well. I had bonus level of 5 in a tier III raid (me being level 70’s so its in my range without getting penalized) and I got 5 greens with that. 370k damage and 5 greens :P Its not hard to get 5 items at the legendary quality but it seems like it all hinges on having the bonus level maxed too. Im not expecting yellows every time but the bonus level should be just that, a bonus, not what is essentially necessary to make the raid worth while. I dont think the bonus level should be easy to get but I also dont think it should matter so much to get anything remotely useful.

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Im less criticizing the drop quality but more of how long it takes to get anything useful. Im not trying to say I expect 3 blues, a yellow, and a crafty every time. While the drop rates may not have actually changed, since you now have to spend days on a raid to get the same chance at decent loot previously they essentially have. On paper they may have not dropped but they effectively have now. Getting 5 items at legendary quality is nothing, takes a decent amount of stam/energy but nothing too significant. However to have a fair crack at getting anything decent you have to get the bonus way up too which isnt as easy, so it then takes you days, limiting how many raids you can participate in while still being effective. The bonus should be just that, a bonus. It shouldnt be easy to get but it shouldnt be basically a requirement