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Welcome to Legacy of a Shadow! (LoaS)

Link to our chat! PM me or Des for the password!


This is an alliance I made after the death of TFA (Trollface Alliance), which died about an hour before this alliance was being started. I used to be the 2nd in command of TFA, the largest alliance ever to exist in Kong BYM. TFA’s leader, the great Rofl627 went inactive because he wanted his life back, and had too much homework. I was in the TFA since page 16 of the thread, and was there until page 73/74.

I then decided I’d make my own alliance. This is the result so far. Hope you like it.

Continued history: The Legacy of a Shadow died in January 2012 due to me, TFO, being unable to manage it. We are now reopened, as of 09/04/12 and we will begin the battling of alliances once again.

Also, the “Shadow” part in our alliance name represents TFA; “Legacy of TFA”.

How To Join/Requirements

- Level 35 or higher.
- Never been in any enemy alliance (exceptions will be made).
- WM (increases chance of getting in.)
- Filled out the whole application.
- Have a good, to great yard. Approval needed. NO boxyards! ಠ_ಠ (And no, “No boxyards” does not mean “you are not allowed to use blocks in your yard”)
- Be active (!!!)
- Have fun with the game, and no betrayal.

Application Module

(copy this and fill in the underscores where the information belongs)
I would like to join this alliance because __. (optional)
I am level __ and I’m active up to __ times/hours a day.
I am on WM/will reach WM in __ days and __ hours. (delete second part if you are on WM)
(Optional, but increases chance of being accepted; post a picture of your yard)
Hope you approve me and I look forward to accompany you!

Regards, __

(If there’s anything you feel you would need or want to add, do it. Just remember; the first impression is crucial.)

Member Ranking/How to be promoted:

1st rank: Realm Lord.
Description: The creator and leader of the alliance. No possibilities of getting this rank unless I leave or turn down. Leadership will be handed to the co-leader automatically.

2nd rank. Shadow Lord.
Description: A co-leader of the alliance. Only one of these too. At the moment, it’s Des_troyy.

3rd rank: Shadow of the Realm.
Description: A 2nd in command of the alliance. You can only attain this rank by my approval, and it will not be easy.

4th rank: Realm Keeper.
Description: A member who have proved his activity and skill/awesomeness to me, and therefore attaining this rank. Must have a great yard. Lower than 2nd in Command, but easier to attain.

5th rank: Essence of the Realm.
Description: This rank requires you to have been in LoaS for 2 weeks consecutively. In addition, to attain this rank, you are required to have a decent amount of activity in the forums. No special number, just make your name appear from time to time.

6th rank: Essence of a Shadow.
Description: After being active in the alliance for two weeks after your first post in the alliance, you will be promoted to this rank. Only attainable to level 35 and up, and will be automaticly attained instead of Spirit if I know you’re exceptionally active. No post requirement for this rank.

7th rank: Spirit.
Description: A basic starter rank for everyone in level 35 and up.

8th rank: Sprite.
Description: Everyone lower than level 35 will start in this rank, later to be promoted to rank 6 when they hit 35. No exceptions. This also works as a waitlist for those players who needs to improve their bases, even though they are meeting the level requirement.


The name standing on the top of each rank label in the members list is the leading of that particular rank, and are closest to rank up. Also, the names standing under is random.


Whenever you level up to level 35 if you joined before, in level 30-34, tell me! It’s important that you get the promotion and it’s better for the alliance, having correct information given. Also, you are in charge of yourself when it comes to keeping track of your first post and alliance "join-date". Tell me whenever you’ve been in the alliance for more than two weeks to get your promotion if you havent already recieved it!

Ways to get booted

1. By not following the rules.

2. By making riot in thread.

3. By spamming.

4. By not improving in the set amount of time, which I give to each member individually.

5. By not respecting your leaders.

Remember I am here to help you! If you can’t find any possible ways to improve your yard or anything else after I told you to, ask me, and don’t panic.

Alliance Rules!

1. Be respectful to each other. I know this sounds like a given but sometimes it does need to be reminded.

2. No outpost stealing. If you are in this alliance, do not take each other’s Outposts. If you didn’t know they were in the alliance, but took it over; Send them an apology and let them take it back.

3. You are free to hit anyone. If you have common sense, you should be able to tell “anyone” does not apply to this alliance, the Sub or any other allied alliance.

4. If someone asks you nicely to stop attacking them, please lay off them for a few days… Just kidding, freaking obliterate them bastards! No mercy for the weak!

5. Inactive Policy. This simply states that if you have not logged on in 7 days you will be sent a message. If you do not respond to that message within 3 days you run a very high risk of being booted. For an alliance to thrive we need people who are active, so it is nothing personal. If you think you will be gone for a few days just shoot your leaders a message.

6. So not spam other alliance threads, or go around as if you lead the alliance bragging about LoaS or anything. Stick to this thread if anything.

7. Tell either me or Des if you quit, please!

8. Tell me when you level up!! So I can update the list…

9. If you happen to request something, ask a question you want to be answered by me or Des, or anything similar, PM me/Des instead of requoting/asking again for every single page! There will be given ONE single warning if you do so, and after that you will be suspended for 1 day. If you happen do do it again after I PM’d you your warning, I will demote you.

10. Only one account per member. This means, either their main, or their alt. Not both.

11. Be reasonable. Have fun.

Thank you for reading this!



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Member List:

- (Members: 75 excluding me, 76+13 total)

Realm Lord:

  • TheFacelessOne level 51

  • Shadow Lord:

  • Des_troyy level 49 – no ways to describe this guy. He’s just as experienced as me, and he makes me happy just by being here. He’s been my partner on BYM for an extremely long time, and I am happy for that.

  • Shadow(s) of the Realm:

    1. Spyder level 50 – a great and helpful member of LoaS. I am glad to have him on my side. He’s a dedicated and experienced player who has assisted me on running LoaS for some time already.

    Realm Keeper:

    1. NexusAura level 55
    2. dvdwen level 47

    Essence of the Realm

    Level 45+
    1. CavemanDestroyer level 51
    2. Uxnorb level 50
    3. kakuzu289 level 45

    Level 40-44
    1. Rootbeer101 level 44
    2. dragonologist level 41

    Essence of a Shadow:

    Level 45+
    1. sevenduster1 level 52
    2. JackBauerCTU level 51
    3. Syndemus level 50
    4. Phoenix888 level 50
    5. Ridog22 level 49
    6. tmack91 level 49

    7. MrGarrett level 49
    8. ace197629 level 48
    9. bogey40 level 47
    10. Blind_Sniper29 level 47
    11. JoeMan9 level 47
    12. Artorus level 47
    13. lollus level 47
    14. HunterDogKiller level 47
    15. justthejobby level 46
    16. sdaidntps612 level 46
    17. kunal1 level 45

    Level 40-44
    1. Anthill23 level 43
    2. ServantRider level 43
    3. XbubblesX level 42
    4. rofl627 level 42
    5. Ellaphants level 42
    6. ajwontpay level 40
    7. SandWolf96 level 40

    Level 35-39


    Level 45+
    1. Chinlc level 50
    2. sandman209 level 50
    3. xejour level 49
    4. TheMarsVolta level 48
    5. idiot_features level 48
    6. D3mon1968 level 47
    7. megdawom level 47
    8. DBull3000 level 47
    9. divewing level 46
    10. sanderos610 level 46
    11. Tekha level 45
    12. iloveyoualls level 45
    13. emily70 level 45
    14. ARMY5partan117 level 45

    Level 40-44
    1. wartex45 level 44
    2. tattootim08er level 44
    3. GEOH level 44
    4. chcrox level 44
    5. Jory8 level 43
    6. darkrebirth92 level 43
    7. pacmankop level 43
    8. SukaKR level 43
    9. Yamiro level 43
    10. ZeusIsScaredOfMe level 43
    11. Arvedui level 42
    12. dar4 level 42
    13. Dragon912 level 42
    14. TheChickenMaster level 42
    15. zipper12345 level 41
    16. Personwithhat level 41
    17. utopija level 41
    18. TheFreakinStud level 40
    19. Taluil level 40
    20. mrmean666 level 40
    21. GearsChicken level 40

    Level 35-39
    1. speedster93 level 39
    2. shadowcrypto8 level 39
    3. ray22222 level 38
    4. Hydronics level 37
    5. swapnil01 level 36


    Moodyj1234 level 39
    torque305 level 40
    illuminados4 level 44
    1314nich level 35
    sekkzo909 level 42
    19AmazingMan level 37
    justin1234567 level 33
    cheggars level 30
    seanlan2000 level 40
    amb3 level 32
    Arcanus73 level 34
    cts2000 level 46
    isleepynow level 46

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    My Little Brony (MLB): Obviously allied (leader, TFO, wolftrainer, Anthill23)

    Purple Powah (PP): Friendly/Allied (leader, zys123/TheFinalAlt)

    The Killer Elites (TKE): Friendly/Allied (leader, Deathnote76)

    The Dragon Knights (TDK): Friendly (leader, SPIFF1, Dragonalx, lars838)

    Champion Tamers Alliance (CTA): Peaceful (leader, vanddris)

    Teutoburg Forest (TF): Neutral (leader, Teutoburg)

    Dragonborn Alliance (DBA): Hostile (leader, SovietWaffles98)

    Legion of BYM (LoB): At war (leader, rellyisthehizzle)

    Note to alliance leaders: Please post what status you would like to have with this us. We will then evaluate it.



    • Noone!

    What the hitlist basically is, is a list of people you should attack at any point you see them. They are added here for trolling, being stupid or generally just being noobs. Tell me if you would like someone to be added on here, but include why

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    Realm Lord: Can do anything with the alliance, like declare war, make alliance statuses, make peace, kick,- and add members and much more.

    Shadow Lord: This rank has almost as much authority as the Realm Lord. This rank can suggest new stuff to the leader, and in some cases, decide himself. This rank cannot make war or statuses with other alliances. It can add people, kick people, tell someone to be on the nooblist, though.

    Shadow of the Realm: Can suggest, and make votes on new ranks, rules, peace, and war. MUST have permission before taking any actions, like satuses with alliances.

    Realm Keeper: Can suggest and vote new ranks, rules, and peace/war, and sounds awesome.

    Essence of a Shadow: You can suggest and vote on new ranks, rules, and peace/war.

    Spirit: This rank have some authority in the alliance, but that’s a minimal part, like make suggestions.

    Sprite: This rank have no authority in the alliance, except from being a part of it and having a good time in it.
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    [Placeholder] For Random Events:

    11/04/12: LoaS officially re-opened!
    25/06/12: Average LoaS member level is 43,6!

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    I to hope this dosn’t fail.

    FOR TFA!

    InfiniteExpanse wants to join, Could you check him out?

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    Originally posted by sirkickme1:

    InfiniteExpanse wants to join, Could you check him out?

    He’s on the members list already. :)

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    Can i join?

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    You’re in. :) Starting as Sprite.

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    Hmm, do we need to add everybody in the alliance? I prefer not to have too many people taking up that little bar on the bottom of the screen.

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    Originally posted by InfiniteExpanse:

    Hmm, do we need to add everybody in the alliance? I prefer not to have too many people taking up that little bar on the bottom of the screen.

    I would guess you must add Realm keeper+.

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    Originally posted by InfiniteExpanse:

    Hmm, do we need to add everybody in the alliance? I prefer not to have too many people taking up that little bar on the bottom of the screen.

    I will not. I tell people to improve in private, and if I see no improvements within a given period of time, I kick them out. No worries. :)

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    Originally posted by sirkickme1:
    Originally posted by InfiniteExpanse:

    Hmm, do we need to add everybody in the alliance? I prefer not to have too many people taking up that little bar on the bottom of the screen.

    I would guess you must add Realm keeper+.

    I think I’ll stick to Shadows of Realm+ because I can see Realm Keeper getting rather crowded in the future. I’m a tiny bit OCD when it comes to organization, and I’d like to keep people I don’t personally know off my friend list.

    Originally posted by TheFacelessOne:
    Originally posted by InfiniteExpanse:

    Hmm, do we need to add everybody in the alliance? I prefer not to have too many people taking up that little bar on the bottom of the screen.

    I will not. I tell people to improve in private, and if I see no improvements within a given period of time, I kick them out. No worries. :)

    How do you look at their base without friending them? At any rate, I’d hope I can get by with my baitable champ because I’m much too lazy to figure out a way to integrate it closer to my TH and silos. Perhaps I’ll put more towers around it and some pathing, but due to the enormous aggro range of champs, that’s probably not going to help.

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    can i join plz im level 25 in bym

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    Originally posted by Ebax:

    can i join plz im level 25 in bym

    Sorry, level 30 is a minimum, and we’d want level 34 and up preferably.

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    Added a new rank labour to avoid over-crowd-ness.

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    good luck with the new alliance tfo

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    Thank you, 1111ed.

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    not a failiance :)
    and to justify that i feel this way, i propose an alliance between our alliances..(im a guild)

    Originally posted by TheFacelessOne:

    Thank you, 1111ed.

    we agreed to an alliance/neutral btw wasnt it u that didnt believe 1111ed was in my alliance, perfect time to ask :)
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    nice ranks

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    can i join im only on lvl 26 though

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    well ill wait till i get to lvl 30 then ill ask again

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    hi may i join im almost level 30 and i really need help with my base

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    Wait until you’re level 30, then ask again. :) Look at some other forums or the Ultimate BYM Guide for help.

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    I’ve chatted with Jduze for almost an hour now, telling him what to do until he had to leave. I did the same when I was in TFA, just that I got other people’s passwords to make their yards. Check Domiflump for instance. His yard is make by me, and is more awesome than mine.