[Doom Forge] skills for paladin blademaster

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like title said… i havent found any information about the skills of blademaster and paladin. i would be nice if someone could give some info about them. and pls dont say “just pick berzerker” im not the type who does exactly the same as ALL other users :)

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ok… am i too stupid to find the info?

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Level 10 Blademaster Skills

Shield Bash [7 Rage] – Bash enemy with shield for x damage (x = 35 damage for me). Activate for 3 seconds when enemy misses.
Cooldown: 15 sec

Final Blow [20 Rage, 3 sec cast] – Deals a massive x damage. Ignores enemies armor. Only works with 2h weapons.
Cooldown: 10 sec

Advance Weapon Training [Passive] – Increase damage done by 2% (at Rank 1)

Shield Specialization [Passive] – Increase block chance by 5% (at Rank 1)

Now the following is my guess but BM at Level 15 get Defensive Stance (Boosts defense 50% and parry 30%) and Decrease Armor (decreases armor by x. I’ve seen some reduce my armor by 900+) and some passive that increases Hit Rate.

Don’t have much info on Paladins, sorry :o

Hope this helps a bit :)

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For the paladin skills, I haven’t seen the information about their skills, but i seen how those paladins use them.

When the paladin is casting a magic, they’re probably using a Calm Down skill, when its sucessfully cast, i think it deals you 1-10+ damage and it depletes All the rage you have just earned, so make sure you interrupt his/her casting time (Stomp, Charge, or Kick will do) asap.

They also can heal themselves, almost like the healing potion effect, called Healing Touch (Costs 20 rage i think), when he used both his healing touch and a health potion, you might not be able to reach-kill him down either a basic attacks or any attack skills. unless he used it below 50 health.

Lastly they can also use the defensive stance too even if they’re level 10+ i believe. just look at Skywheel’s info about it.

Thats what all i seen from the paladins i faced in every other battles.

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I had a paladin for a bit but eventually rerolled because I wasn’t a fan, but going by memory at lvl 10 they get a reactive shield bash move that procs on enemy misses, a heal that is about the equivalent of popping a potion, mace specialization and an Int boost as the 2 passives

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i was a couple of days off. so now: thanks for the information so far :)