[Clash of the Dragons] Common Bug Solutions & Reporting bugs

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When you face any issues at all during playing, please post in this forum or in our Player Reports section of the official forums.

Please don’t forget to include any logs, or your current settings, like OS, Browser, if you are behind a firewall or use any Ad Blockers etc.

The game offers an in-game report feature for battles as well. Please find the link at the bottom of your screen and use it so we can have more information on the circumstances. Quoting the report ID in your posts will greatly help us resolve your issue sooner.

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Common Issue Solutions

  1. I can’t find my daily reward chest – Please go to your profile, and check your inventory. Double click on the chest and you will get the reward
  2. I got a reward from a battle, but can’t find it now – Please refresh the game and check again, also make sure to check the craft section too. Sometimes your reward may look like equipment (sword/bracers etc) but its actually a craft material
  3. My daily reward reset to day 0 – Please note that daily rewards reset every day at 5pm PST, not 24h after you last logged in, so make sure you don’t miss it by a small margin
  4. I can’t open my draft packs – Those can only be opened during drafting
  5. Buttons are not responding when trying to do stuff – Make sure you are viewing page at 100% zoom
  6. I auto lose when trying to battle – Make sure you have a deck equipped
  7. I can’t login to the game – Please try the following:

- Make sure your browser and Flash is updated
- Clear cache/cookies
- If you use AdBlockers/NoScript or you have a browser setting that disables popups, please allow clashofthedragons.com & kongregate.com
- If you are behind a firewall, make sure it does not block Outbound port 443
- Increase flash storage settings to 1 MB or more here
- Try a different browser. Does that make any difference? Recommended are mostly Chrome and FF, but all browsers should work fine with the game
- If nothing solves this, please mail support@clashofthedragons.com