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Well i ply this game on kong!!

IN THE GAME, there is a tab `Social` inside there is an offer how to refer a frinend through FB or that link!! I used the link!!!
If your friend reach lvl 10 both of you recieve 50g!! My firend got the gold i didnt!!
I was wondering WHY???

AND guess why? cos its only work through FB!!!

This is a missleading!! They should mention FACEBOOK ONLY!!!


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Yeah I agree. I did everything by the book, and nothing was mentioned about the limitations for kong users. So I ended up wasting time lvling up my friend’s character and I got nothing in return. Please fix this soon. Baggio told me that an emailing system for “gifts” and referals would come out soon… still no sign of 50 gold :(

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I did the same thing, my friend received 50 gold. I didn’t get anything.

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yup if you played on Kong. you’re basically playing with one hand tied behind your back cause a lot of the features are only developed for facebook. you might as well give up Kong’s char and replay your facebook account :(

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hey yo

forget it i wont start it over again!! wont waste any more time to start it over!! should b fixed soon!! thats the best solution what they could make!!

ps i dont like fb anyway!!!!!