[Clash of the Dragons] Can someone give me some advice on my deck like what cards to include or take out?

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can you guys look at my druid deck and tell me what cards i need to make this better or take out? thanks =D sorry i need some opinions, im not good at deck making lol

Marcellus x1
Queen Lena x1
Soul Blast x1
Djinn’s Aura x1
Enveloping Darkness x1
Luminous Lance x2
Wall of Blades x1
Power Extreme x1
Spirit Ward x2
Torment x2
Blood Bond x1
Moment of Silence x1
Golden Glory x1
Healing Lights x2
Transference x1
Dijinn and Tonic
Tailsman of slaying

(im lv30)

so the concept of this deck is to build up MC while defending myself and when i get Lena, ill use her for her ability to multiply her damage with the MC and use her critical strikes with my other attacks.

Please give me some opinion on some cards that would fit or cards i should take out.

Also rate 1-10! thanks ><

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What do you want to use the deck for? Just the normal quests? what zone are you in at the moment? The more information you can give the better.

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How much drafts did you do? Also remove luminous lances and enveloping darkness, you have got only 2 dupicates?

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I would take moment of silence out in favor of another golden glory, if not transference (assuming that your current dupe limit is only 2 of a card); the healing you can get from a lot of other cards and they won’t cost you a round of attacking. Unless you’re using this for brawls in which case I can see it’s appeal. If you’re throwing torment in a deck, I can’t think of any reason why you’re not gonna put as many copies as you can/have; of course being only level 30 you clearly aren’t going to have any skills far up, just throwing that out there.

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If you can:

4 Torment
4 Power Extreme
4 Golden Glory
2 Talisman of Slaying
2 Djinn and Tonic
? Cleric of Rensha
? Potion of Arcane Energy
? Queen Lena
? Spirit Ward
? Mirror Mirror

The rest is up to you. Hope this helps