[Clash of the Dragons] Is Druid worth it?

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I just got my first queen Lena from a draft and i was wondering if i should unlock the druid class next. I was looking at my cards and what might fit in a druid deck but i’m not sure if it is really worth it. maybe i missed something and you can point it out for me.

So far i got:
Queen Lena (extra absorb and autocrit is nice but Talisman of Absorb and Talisman of Dlaying combined with candy cane do the job pretty well) The extra MC multiplier is nice but i can stay Pyrelord for that.

Beast Within The druid effect (Banish 2 for to negate one attack) seems rather weak to me. I’d rather play torment in most cases.

Seething Wrath 1/4 and an additional 2 damage on the next attack of a party member seems pretty decent and for an uncommon this looks like a really good card. But compared with Marcus’ Stratagem (4/3, Next Weapon attack deals +3 or next magic +1) it’s not such a good option.

Starlight A weaker version of Transference. and to be honest more than 3 transference and 3 healing light is probably overkill.

Planned Assault 4/2 melee for druids. Yet again Marcus’ Stratagem is a better choice, even blades of glory. If i wanted a deck with more than 4 Roland’s wrath (4/2 Melee) it would be an assasin deck not a druid)

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… i like sentinel. take way less damage :D

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In my opinion druid isn’t worth it: compared to the other classes it has a defeciet of cards that help it, in fact i think those might be the only ones, furthermore Lena, the druid’s main draw-card, is bugged so that her assassin and Senteniel abilities only last one turn which makes her much worse. So yeah, I say leave it alone.

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Unless you run a completely Lena based deck (which will get destroyed by banner of dread) it isn’t worth it. Lena is fine for pyre anyways, no need to switch