[Sin Capital] Recruit 2 Excellent Instructors

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Recruit 2 Excellent Instructors
Do you like to help people out? Do you know much about Sin Capital?
If so, then we have the perfect job for you!

Date: Jan.1 – Jan.5 (2012)

Excellent Instructors have the power/privileges to
 1. Get 100 Diamond per month
 2. IGN would be displayed with different style. Such as [Instructor] plus your IGN.
 3. Show your moral, compliance to others.
 4. Help others with your rich experience.
The requirements to become an Excellent Instructor
 1. Stay online at least 3 hours a day
 2. Be civil and polite to the other users
 3. Make chatting atmosphere active
 4. Help provide guidance for the users
 5. Answer users’ questions within your ability range
 6. Collect users’ suggestions, bugs, problems etc.
 7. Inform users’ latest information

If you would like to be considered as an Instructor, please fill in the following application and post in this thread.

Position: Excellent Instructor
User name: ______ Level: _______
How long have you been playing Sin Capital: _________
Time period online available:
Time Zone: ________or Country: _________
Online time: _____________ (for example 6:00 pm—10: 00 pm)
Game Experience: ________________________________________________
Reasons to apply: ____________________________________________

Good Luck, guys, we look forward to reading your applications!

Sin Capital Team

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Dear player,
Congrats to players Ibyang and Blacknight, they will be our In game Instructor, and their name will be changed into [Instructor]-Ibyang, [Instructor]- Blacknight
This decision was made after the careful consideration. Thanks so much for applying this position. And on this day and days to come, we hope our other players could cooperate and supervise our Instructors.
Much thanks for your support.
SC Team