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These are some simple everyday types of bots used by most people and are easily found by Bigpoint:

1) AutoLock- The bot will automatically lock on to any user within max. range.

2) Boxingbot- The bot goes around the map and collects bonus boxes

3) General Purpose bot- does everything above and more.

4) Demilitarized Zone- Allows the bot to shoot people in DMZ zones but cannot be attacked.

5) Damage Bot- Used to get ENORMOUS amounts of damage into one shot. This bot is becoming popular among newer players, and less popular from older players.

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BP is doing everything they can to stop botters who use these types of things, if you know any different type of botting, please post it here.

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i know that °•ƒįĺĺę89•° is using autolock and auto emp.. i have seen some players with damage hack as well.. there is no doubt. and boxing boot is used so mutch if you go on x2 map elc x2 map mmo and x1 maps u see almost 85% of the players that are there at the time is using it. so there is no use to try and stop it. it has gone to fare

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Boxing bot is some sort of fine,not saying its right,but what if a person is trying to keep himself (from seizure)while wanting to play with his friends so bad?He could box bot and not be disadvantaged to box farmers who farm for hours on end like me.In some cases,its fair.

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Maybe, if they are approved by BP to play it that way, with proof if they played the game, it had a high chance of seizure. But I HIGHLY doubt that BP would allow anyone to use a bot of any kind.