[Steel Legions] So what's the strategy here.

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As far as I can tell every tank auto-fires and auto-aims, so what exactly is the gameplay?

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The closest thing to strategy is to be careful with what terrain you and your opponent are on. Other than that auto-fire auto-aim is basically the gameplay.

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I’ll tell you something that not many people seem to get.Wait at the damn spawn for the rest of your team if you are on a mission.One tank against two(unless it’s a very high level tank)will get destroyed in seconds.If you strike together as one unit however, you stand a chance.Always stick together.Also you can choose different spawns.This can throw your enemy off if they’re expecting you to come from one direction.

Besides that, Kobalt pretty much has it.Learn the terrains and their pros and cons.

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Strategy here is spending 100 dollars on the game so you upgrade your gear, then auto aim and auto fire other tanks until they die before you. Great game [ironic].

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Another strategy that people don’t seem to get, is when to attack the objective & when to attack the other team.

If you’re on the offense and you outmatch your opponent (giving them a defense bonus), you’re not suppose to attack the objective and let them beat on you. It’s ridiculous when I see that happen when it’s 2 vs 1 (I’m the 1 that’s defending), and the other team could’ve easily won if they had taken me out first instead of ignoring me… yet I won by a long shot.

If you’re on the offense and your opponent outmatches you (giving you an attack bonus), you’re suppose to attack the objective and let the enemies beat up on you. If you try to kill the enemies first, then you’re most likely going to end up dying most/all of the time, and hardly any progress would be made on the objective.

But yes, the main strategy here is where you put your money. If spent the right way, you could potentially have around +180% damage from:
+50% in upgraded weapons
+50% from the Weapons Expert crew member
+30% from setting an opponent on fire
+30% from Nitro ammo
+20% from oiling up your weapon

I may have missed something, but if all that is true, then you can have the power of 3 tanks with all those upgrades. That explains how some super tanks can kill me in 5 hits.

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For other people,here are terrian buffs:

On top of montain:
Downsides:You can be hit on longer ranges/Other shoots agains’t you deal more damage
Upsides:Deal more damage and and shoot at longer ranges

Down a hole:
Downsides:Deal less damage and shorter range
Upsides:Get damaged less per shoot off enemy

Downsides:You’re slower.Seriusly not a downside.
Upsides:Enemy shells hit you less,seriusly best terrian.

Upsides:You go faster.

Also,theres a single status effect you radlomy get when damaged,do not confuse it with a terrain effect:
Its represented by 3 +,it heals you when damaged.The only downside is what you must be damaged to get it.

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Are you sure those terrain buffs are accurate? Unless they did an update suddenly, I think the in-game guide on the buffs didn’t include damage bonus, and were more like…

On hill:
Upside – You can see & shoot farther.
Downside – You’re easier to hit.

Upside – It seems you take around 50% of normal damage. (unsure of actual %)
Downside – Your range is shorter.

Upside – It seems there’s a 50% chance of getting hit. (unsure of actual %)
Downside – You’re slower.

Personally, I prefer craters over trees when fighting marauders because of its consistency, whereas with trees they could have a lucky run of shots and kill me unexpectedly. When fighting against other players, the crater isn’t as useful due to the shorter range, thus allowing opponents to scoot out of your attack range while keeping you in theirs.

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i prefer craters when fighting maruaders and forests when fighting players…
honestly terrain only slightly effects the battle, so hence just becuase you have got terrain advantage doesn’t mean you win…equipment matters too..