[Sin Capital] Announcement for the Brand New Version

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Howdy Capos! Sin Capital is coming to you now! Welcome to join us to the newly-featured Sin Capital World!
In Sin Capital, just got your law degree, your Sin Family called you for a SERVICE. Collect protection fee, recruit the crew, attack other sin families, and put them all under your arms. Start from Boston, gunning your way through Baltimore, Miami and San Diego until your family takes over the world!

Launch Time: Jan 14th, 2012 (PST)

Free Newbie Package
A free newbie package worth $30 will be given away after registration.

What’s New?

New Functions
Brand new Quest System
Include the Daily Quest, Legion Quest, Union Quest etc. Follow the Quest System, discover the world here step by step!

•Gold Shop
Every day you will get chance to exchange Gold in the Gold Shop.

•Mystic Shop
Equips, Jewel and Skill Book will randomly coming up here. Wanna take one? Just go and get it!

Sauna can comfort your Capos. Capos will grow faster by achieving the multiple experiences here in a short time.

•Arms Deal
Sell the ammunition can bring you a huge amount of Gold. But be careful of the others attack!

•Secret Training
Mysteriously continuous secret quests are open to you. The more quests you complete, the more abundant rewards you can get.

•Three new types of enemies are coming into the map, go and get your Beauty Capo!

Once you reach the Milestone, you will be honorably rewarded the high quality equipment and items.

We thank you for all the support to this game! And wish you all enjoy the game!

Sin Capital Team

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i don’t have any new server
how can i play with the new game

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I have seen the server 2 but when I click on it…it wont load, then when I restart my browser its gone. I have looked on IE, chrome, & firefox.

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You have to go to www.sin-capital.com main page & register with a new email address.

There is alot of new features that blow vers1 out of the water. I have heard several say they may not go back to the old vers.

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When will it be available on Kong?

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Dear guys, sorry for the situation. Something wrong in server 2. We are working on that now and will try our best to fix it as soon as possible. Much thanks for your understanding. _