[Atomic Strike] Strategy Tips & Tricks (learned the hard way) ADD YOURS

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I have played QUITE a few missions. I wanted to share some tips to help solve problems and boost scores.

- Time = points (not money in this game ). The idea is to give civilians time to find shelter. During missile waves if you wait until the last missile is close to the protected zone before smacking it out of the sky you get LOTS more points. It’s risky, though, DO NOT let it hit or LOTS of those points go bye-bye. You can still get a good score with a couple missed missiles, but less radiation is better.

- Time ALSO = objectives… I thought some objectives were bugged, but found out that some of the timers dont end until well after the last missile is fired. If you have an objective to defend _____, and it seems to fail even though you kept it safe… this is probably why. I know defending chimneys on the Power Plant works like this. If you knock the last missile down… the next wave starts… if the timer is still going when the next wave starts you fail… let the last missile ride as long as possible.

- THIS ONE’S A BIGGIE- Targeting methods. When you have a unit selected in mission, look to the bottom right of the screen. You see an “X” to deselect, and a yellow circle made of 4 arrows. THIS is the unit’s targeting strategy. YELLOW CIRCLE= “Go to this point and fight anything nearby”… the unit will NOT follow the enemy unit you click on. Click that arrow and it changes to… RED CROSSHAIRS= “Find this guy and kill him”… the unit(s) will follow the selected unit until destroyed. Think of it like ZONE defense vs Man-To-Man defense. You can switch ALL units to one or the other by clicking the SELECT ALL UNITS button, then clicking the targeting option until it shows the one you want. If your units selected are currently a mix of the 2, you’ll see a “?”… just click it to change to the method desired.

- Marines should be one of your first builds in every mission. You NEED the extra ammo/ energy spots. Build 2-4 squads of Marines and start taking over those spots IMMEDIATELY. Keep doing it even if you have plenty of ammo/energy. You get points for the total ammo/energy built during the mission.

-PLAN AHEAD… for everything… especially starting missions. The instant you click “FULLSCREEN” or “NORMAL” you should already know the first units you will be starting to build.

- Collect the resources from a building immediately before upgrading. I’ve forgotten this many times, and started upgrades when the building was 80% full of resources. Then I was stuck waiting a day to collect.

- BACK-UP YOUR ALLIES EVERYDAY- We can now gift resources (strategy, workforce, equipment, and energy pts) to our allies. Click the blue box, select allies to back-up, then click “Send Resource”. If everyone does it, we should all have a ton more resource pts to build with when we return every day.

MORE TIPS TO COME… add your tips here too. Please don’t turn this in to a debate/ complaint/ bug reporting or any other kind of thread. I would like this to be a GOLDMINE FOR TIPS. :-) Good Luck everyone.

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i was wondering what the red crosshairs did, cheers mate

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ty xjsman101. Some helpful tips that I didn’t know about – much appreciated.