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Game Background: link

Three Big Families: link

Senatry FAQ: link

Senatry FAQ2: link

Action Style Episode 1--RS: link

Action Style Episode 2--Engine: link

Action Style Episode 3--Tactical: link

Easy Play Strategy: link

Intro to Heroes & Troops: link

Exp Sharing Manual: link

Levy Events Manual: link

Winning Prestige: link

Adventures: link

Noble Rank Prestige List: link

New Hero Training Tab:link

VIP Manual:link

General Quiz Rules:link

Housekeeper Tutorial:link

Performance Tutorial:link

Equipment Tutorial:link

Battle Guides:link

Daily Quest Guide:link

Championship Guide:link

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Updated, please leave a list of other guides you would like to see available.

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Please give Detailed use of Daily Quests / Advancing. It does not work properly.

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Every time you complete a Daily Quest there is a chance (random) that the Quest level will increase. Increase in the level will give you access to the higher level Rings.

To increase the level with gold you can use the Refresh option, again each Refresh has the chance (random) to raise the Quest level, but you must complete a Quest at each level.

Eg. You have just reached lvl 7, complete 1 lvl 7 Quest and use Refresh to lvl 8 (maybe take 10 Refresh), then complete 1 lvl 8 Quest and use Refresh again to lvl 9 etc.

If you have lvl 4 House Keeper this may help -

You can use Auto complete in House Keeper to complete a single Quest of your choice. Select Quest and accept, open House keeper and start Auto complete Quests – as soon as your exploits increase – cancel Auto complete Quests by hitting it again and the Quest you selected will be done.


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Thanks Rob, and I do want to add…. the Quest level can decrease upon refreshing, especially if you dont complete a quest. It is random.

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Updated.. Thanks much Rhieks your Guides are fantastic _. Huggss miss you ♥