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Beginner's Guide: Link

Basic Combat Guide: Link

Arena Q&A: Link

Guides from ZQGames Forum: Link

The Village Game: Link

The Village Game Table: Link

Updated Item/Set List: Link

SLO Wiki: Link

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How do I upgrade my TREASURY so I can get the daily reward?

The Treasury is one of the principle Buildings in Shadowland Online. It is first unlocked upon upgrading your Town Hall to Level 20. Increase its level to increase the amount of gold you can store.

What are the benefits of VIP?

The key benefits are extra training and building slots (one of each). You also get a sentry tower to guard your crops outside of town and can use a VIP only portrait.

How do I join an alliance?

First, reach level 10 and then move out of the newbie zone (go to the world map, select a region). You can check who’s recruiting by asking in COUNTRY chat (all alliances are country based) or simply apply to an alliance in your region.

How do I start/stop the background music?

Click the speaker icon just above the chat box (3rd from right). Click once to mute, again to resume ;)

How do I move to a new country?

Click on the world map (the globe icon), select a country / area and click move. The first move (from newbie zone) is free, subsequent moves cost diamonds.

What’s the difference between Cash Gift and ‘Real’ Diamonds?

They’re exactly the same however, Cash Gift can not be used in the Mall or Auction House.

What is 1.3, 3.4, 4.5, etc?

These are the group battles at the end of a particular sub-section of a chapter in the gate of ages. Example 1.5 is Chapter 1, Part 5

How can I fail a fortification at ‘100%’?

OK, this is quite a rare occurence, but causes obvious confusion. The success rate is rounded to the nearest whole percentage point so a reported ‘100%’ could be 99.6% (for example) meaning that there remains a very small chance of failure.

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What are fragments?

Fragments are obtained from “Battle” daily tasks, levy one time if you can’t see the task. You’re required to defeat 1 legion of each chapter (1.x, 2.x, 3.×...) to complete the task. They are used to exchange for equipments in the shop.

How do I upgrade formations?
Each battle adds one point to the formation you’re using automatically. The more you use one formation, the higher the bonus will be.

How do I mute someone in chat?
In the top right corner of the chat window press the button between mute sound shrink chat… choose the blacklist tab, press + to add someone, type their name and save; you won’t have to hear them any more. (Reverse this by going back to the blacklist, selecting them and pressing – to remove)

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What resource are needed to upgrade the new alliance techs?

@id 1 – 4: the resources needed to update level need(gold coins)


id 5 – 8: the resources needed to update level need(battle achievements)
1. 500000
2. 1250000
3. 2000000
4. 3000000
5. 4500000
6. 8000000
7. 12500000
8. 17500000
9. 21250000
10. 25000000@


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