[WarMetal Tyrant] Faction Recruitment Thread (locked)

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Hi everyone,

It’s been nearly a year since the last Faction thread was started and it’s turned into something of a behemoth.

Obviously, a lot of those factions are no longer with us so here’s a clean slate for y’all to introduce your factions to the world.

Please do;

  1. Give the name of your faction!
  2. State the ingame contact name, particularly if different from your kong user name.
  3. List any entry requirements you have
  4. Use formatting to avoid the non-working links from the last thread;
  5. Link to your forum recruitment thread, if you have one.

All recruitment links should look similar to this (with your number, obviously):


Your link will display incorrectly if you just copy and paste it… but you can avoid this by a couple of means;

<a href="RECRUITMENT LINK GOES HERE"> **Click** </a>

Does this: Click

Or, you can fix the problem manually…

Edit your post to remove “source=finv&amp;” from all your recruitment links

NB: Recruitment threads only & duplicate posts (made within a short time frame) are liable for removal.

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Here’s a couple from the end of the last thread to get you started:

Originally posted by Egalisator:

Lightbringers, a casual level 10 faction (doubt you’ll find many casual factions ranked above us) is looking for high level players. If you want to eventually get the shiny new faction reward cards, but do not want to spend hours each day to meet the requirements of a top faction, we are what you’re looking for. We have a group of friendly and helpful veteran players already and a private forum as well.

Our monthly activity requirement is only 500. If you’ve got a good defense deck, you can make that with not much more than one bar of stamina a day in average, and since it’s monthly, we won’t mind if you are away for a week or so as long as you catch it up later. Many of our members are much more active than that on a voluntary basis, by the way, and that is one of the reasons we keep gaining FP. To make sure we don’t get dragged down with bad defense decks or low win rates, you have to be at least level 30 to join.

You will also be made officer as soon as possible so you never have to go without wars, but we expect you to read the rules for starting wars posted in our forum if you’ve never been an officer before.

To join, simply click this link (click here to join) or write a PM to Egalisator.

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Originally posted by Oddball1701A:

ARKHAM ASYLUM recruiting new members

Level 9 Faction

If you are an ACTIVE player (meaning that you play more than a couple times a week), join us and help us climb the rankings.
We have an excellent core of active quality players. If you are interested in playing the game long term and you want to unlock some of those Faction Rewards cards, click on the link below and join the Asylum.
The only requirement to hold your spot is a minimum level of activity per week : 50 Loyalty points aquired by winning in faction Wars OR 2 levels gained per week. These are very easy and reasonable goals to obtain. The only reason for this requirement is to prevent someone from joining and then never playing again and holding a roster spot.

4 Spots available. Levels 15+ Welcome to apply!
Click here to apply

Originally posted by U_iz_guy:

Click here to apply No requirements!

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Originally posted by BigMan991:

THE KILLING KREW is a faction that is looking for good well trained players. We have more then 5 players who are above level 30 in the faction. We are a great faction who loves to play and compete. We only want you to use all of your 10 stamina and we love for you to be online everyday:D. Also if your on vacation we would like to know so let us know. If you are interested in* joining or have any questions pm me BigMan991 :) remember these chances dont come very often…… so don’t miss out!!!!*

Originally posted by GrassOtaku:

Global Dental, level 11 faction has many Taiwan players, but now we need more recruits wherever they are. In addition, we try to keep a balance between local and foreign members.

Every week we check members’ activities – 150LP per week. It’s fairly simple if you have powerfully defensive deck and keep active everyday. However, to make it ,you need to achieve level 20. That’s why factions often limit the level for recruitment.

But we can help players who want to join us achieve level 20 and build defensive decks. If you are interested, send a pm to me or the leader.

If you are level 20+ now, don’t hesitate to apply. We’ll grant your application ASAP.


Originally posted by LilyAldrin:

Lvl 6 faction is looking for active members.
We have a faction skype conference for coordination and helping new players.
we gonna hit lvl 8 soon, so its ur chance to get dredge ;>

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Pulsing Death

Please do not contact me anymore about applications to join this faction. I am no longer leader and hence no longer part of this faction, so please contact the appropriate people (info may be outdated).

Current rank:24th
Faction points:2456 (lvl 12 faction!)

We are a friendly top 30 faction who are recruiting new members into our ranks. We regard ourselves as radically different from most other top 30 factions, and that we believe that we can offer a fair and friendly environment for players to gain top cards, improve their decks and win wars!

What can we offer you?

A stable faction – Pulsing death has been around for over 8 months. We will not disband, and we can guarantee you will not be wasting your time with us.
A stable position in our faction – Unlike most top 30 factions, we do not have strict weekly faction point requirements. If you have exams, or are busy one week, we will not kick you out. We don’t believe that fighting wars are a chore; we want to promote a casual, friendly environment to enjoy.
A forum – We have a forum to discuss secret faction tactics, decks and general tyrant advice. We have members who will assist you in making the most out of your card pool and money.
Skimmers – Yes that right we have skimmers!!

What are the requirements?

Level 30+. Our average member level is level 64, but we don’t believe that your level truly reflects your activity – especially if you’re new.
Active. We don’t have faction point requirements, but if you are consistently earning below 140 faction points a week, we will have to warn you, and eventually kick you.
Surge battles (again not absolutely required, but we can provide you with good surge decks).

I’d like to join, but I have more questions?

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask one of our members in the thread below, or, if it is a private message, feel free to whisper our leaders cpt_obv, Schabernack or Jackdaw. Otherwise, you can simply apply to our faction by clicking the link below!


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LV 6 Faction Recruiting LV 10 + People…. Ranked 239 Join

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BAMFS is looking for new members!
*No Loyalty Point requirements
*No Level requirements
*24/7 wars


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FBB has free spots! Join today! We’re currently ranked 7th and we’re looking for lvl 50+ active members, feel free to apply!

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Fast growing active lvl 8 faction Battlettoads opened for recruiting.

We accept all active players.

Our new website and forum: https://sites.google.com/site/battlettoads/

- Active core players
- Faction wars 24/7
- Multi-language (currently eng, rus)
- Covering all timezones

Currently we are focused on running missions and collecting cards for further raids.

Good place to start for low-lvl characters, lets grow together! We are friendly to new players.

Join link: Apply here

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Team Boss-level 3 faction recruiting all LEVEL 5+ middle-aged sassy black man! link

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2612 год по земному летоисчислению…

Январь. Косморазведчик Северо-Атлантического Альянса (САА) перехватил радиосигнал из неисследованной системы. На месте высадки обнаружен покинутый корабль неизвестной расы…

Март. Планеты САА охватила пандемия, получившая название Bloodthirsty Plague (Жажда Крови). Воцарился хаос…

Апрель. Советский Союз (СС) в составе 15 звездных систем тихо процветал, когда внезапно планета Комсомол в системе Медузы подверглась атаке флота кораблей САА без опознавательных знаков…


Требования к приему в элитные части Soviet Union: боевой опыт в компании на Нексусе и безграничное желание помочь родной стране.

Прошение о переводе в часть отправляй по адресу http://b23.ru/n35e

Правила приёма:

1) Получить 30 боевой уровень, иметь хорошую активность - 30 LP\day, 210 LP\week

2) Отписать в теме о своём желание вступить в ряды SU. Пройти по ссылке
указанной выше и стать апликантом.

3) Продублировать сообщение через Конг в ЛС одному или нескольким офицерам - invisus, serna12345, Vishoz. В сообщении так же указать, часовой пояс, вероятное время игры, логин скайпа.

4) Ожидать утверждения заявки и получения ответного сообщения через ЛС.

5) Дать прикурить всем кто против "Советского Союза"! :)

Наша ветка на форуме - ТУТ
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Divide and Delegate (DaD, lvl 6 faction, 177 wins/1 loss) looking for active members. Requirements: lvl 5+ and only 50 loyalty points a week.
Apply here link

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Faction lvl 7 is recruiting active members, no lvl requirements, click here to join, link

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You are invited to the new faction of Snakez anybody is welcome, just simply apply from this link link if you have any questions feel free to talk to me on kong.
There is no regulations as yet, looking to be up and coming.

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The Elite Noobs:
Faction level 4
Requirements: Level 10+ and a minumum of 40 loyalty a week
Join us on our pathway to the top!

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Brand new faction alone in tyrant
Level 1 almost 2
Requirements: minumum of 100 loyalty a month.
I played on 15 top 100 faction =).
I only need members who like Tyrant.

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THE KILLING KREW is a faction that is looking for good well trained players. We have more then 5 players who are above level 30 in the faction. We are a great faction who loves to play and compete. We only want you to use all of your 10 stamina and we love for you to be online everyday:D. So far we have only one loss. Also if your on vacation we would like to know so let us know. If you are interested in* joining or have any questions pm me BigMan99*1 :) remember these chances dont come very often…… so don’t miss out!!!!

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CLICK TO JOIN!!!!!!!!!

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One of the oldest factions in Tyrant is recruiting! We (No Limit) did “Spring Cleaning” early this year and after booting the inactives, we have 13 spots available. We’ve got a laid back attitude, while still remaining competitive at our current rank of 37. We’re looking for fun, friendly people who are willing to improve with us and who are above level 30. Since we have 13 spots open, bring your friends with you when you join. Click here to apply.
Or here >>> http://www.kongregate.com/games/synapticon/tyrant?kv_apply=497002

Pm me (noobpownr), Eskimon , romenganNYC , Rotagivan , Hamish11 ,
ianistchr , aanuel or blackice0823 if you have any questions.
Or come talk to us in Tyrant Room 17.

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Killin Time

Level 5 faction
Contact myself or bettag
Looking for active players, level 10+
Being able to troll is a bonus but not a requirement
Failure to be active will result in player being force feed bees


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Ghost Division
Level 6 faction
Looking for level 20+ casual players
15/40 (We had to kick a lot of inactive players)
We won’t kick players unless were absolutely sure their inactive
Join today!

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Skyward Heroes looking for new members.

We’re currently level 11. We have no lower limit on what level you need to be to join at the moment.
Easy going bunch of people in the faction so come join the fun!

Join Skyward Heroes

(We recommend being lvl 15+, since it’s very hard for newer players to earn loyalty points in wars against other high-level factions. Also, if you don’t play at all for weeks, we may trim you from the faction to allow people to be in who want to play.)

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Join us!
We are a level 2 faction, close to level 3, that’s ready to help in a war or a raid.
Out of 78 battles with other factions, we have only lost to 4.
If there is a raid you need help in, we will all jump in for help.
With 12 open positions ready for new recruits.

– Be an active player
– No level requirements

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Ich bin ein Berliner has 1 opening for an active, surging (ofc), level 50+ player.
/w Mamypoko, warrior9694, Zyrax, Provokes, Somapinguari or me ;)