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As a new player I’ve made many mistakes which I regret a bit now and I wanted to share my thoughts on how to get deeper in the game after the initiation. By initiation I mean getting to know the controls, know how to upgrade your rooms (expanding your living area, prison and, the last but not least, your dungeon heart being the most important at first), understanding what a ‘trap’, a ‘bait’, a ‘ransom’ etc. are and understanding the ‘following’ system presented in the game. I’m assuming that you’re also familiar with interrogating process. All of these you can learn by reading other guides in this forum.

1. Getting started

As soon as you start I’d suggest following someone. Just ask in the chat who wants a follower and I’m sure that there will be fight over you there;) That is because when you’re in newbie protection 10% of souls you spend get to be shared among people you follow. Following one person doesn’t require anything from you and that person will surely be grateful and will maybe help you in the future if you decide to stay. The first thing you should ask for is a tamed warrior and an archer, best to choose a person that can provide you with both as soon as you need them. They’re required to upgrade your dungeon heart to lvls 6 and 7, approprietly. Do not hesitate to ask anything, but after reading this post you shouldn’t have any problems in continuing from this point.

1. Regular trapping – countrywomen, peasants, huntresses and hunters.

At the beggining you should ransom every countrywomen and hunter that comes your way, except each of the two you use asap to upgrade your dungeon heart to lvls 4 and 5. Only thing to lookout for is a blue or purple item in their possession. Execute them, if they have an interesting item. Disregard medicines, they’re near to useless (except maybe some over 30% blood ones), but keep bows and sickles (not many of those).

As for peasants – you need just ONE, best would be one over 50% blood as a low lvl tank (create a soldier from him). It’s debatable whether to use this one or a low lvl pitfall.

The frosting on the cake – huntressess – convert couple of them, let’s say 4 asap as your main force. Then look for 3 with the remote stat of over 40%. Level them with items you find – bows with 17-19%, any leather mails, carnelian rings around 15% (they’ve became very rare recently). With 7 skelly archers you’re good to summon warriors and archers. Don’t get fooled by other guides around here, though – archers are harder than warriors, you will suffer more losses when fighting them. Generally the key is not to increase melee but remote forces.

2. Baskets, sickles – archers, warriors.

If you have either a blocker or a basic level pitfall and 7-8 skelly archers you can start doing these. You will probably suffer some losses, but it can be avoided from time to time, just check your unit’s hp and have in mind, that every full hour your every unit will heal for 50 hp. That way you’ll be fine. Look for any blue and purple items and knight/lady/prostitute/magician summoners. These would be in order – axes/wedding rings,kerchiefs/wedding rings,amulets and wands. When I’m at it – a magician is a sorcerer or a sorceress:)

Axes summon knights – you won’t be able to kill a knight’s party at this point, but they sell nicely for around 4k.

Kerchiefs summon ladies – these you’ll be able to kill as soon as you’ll get around 2-3 corpse archers in your team. Anyway they also sell nicely for around 3k. Ladies carry wedding rings and gold bangles. Both of the items summon knights. Wedding rings sometimes summon a lord. So when you’re interrogating and the lady gives you a name of the previous owner ask her ‘does (name here) have knights?’. If it’s a knight the lady will answer weird, but if it’s a lord she will give you number of knights. You must provide that info when selling the ring to a lord hunter;)It’s good to keep a lady too, but I’ll expand this later.

Wands – they would sell nicely too, but you’ll be able to kill a magician’s team as soon as you’ll get 2-3 corpse archers in your team. But you will suffer lossess.

Amulets – prostitutes always come alone and they’re very easy to kill. They carry emeralds, pearl and rubies. Emeralds you need – they summon knights. Pearls and rubies are useless, because they summon lords and a prostitute wouldn’t know how much knights the given lord has. So it would be a gamble to summon such a lord.

This is work in progress – I don’t have much time now, so I’m just putting it out there. Feel free to comment, criticise.

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Nice guide you have going here, I’ll be using it! :)

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explaination for summoning warriors/archers

interogate a prisoner with an item countrywomen, peasants, huntresses and hunters
chat room will appear next to General/Home

use commands/questions from list that ask them who gave them that item

male (sickles) = warriors
basket depends on gender
medicine = doctor
female (bow) = archers

warriors/archers travel in groups of 4+ so yeah, 6 archers 1 tank is enough also make sure you have for prisoners

use a pit to slow them weaken them
make sure you have enough room in storage/prison

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I just Buyed a warrior with 4K G and summon him :s and wasted some souls to take 5K G and buyed another warrior and with my team fo blue warriors i can easy kill warriors -archers prostitues doctors with only 1 loose when my team is pretty tired and my money rate still green (:

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how do you increase the amount a prisoner is tamed?