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How can i disable pirate mode withought dying?

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you can’t. When you activate it and attack someone you build a bounty. The bounty keeps it active until its collected which is why you have to be killed by another player for pirate mode to be turned off

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Well i think they should put a better warning for when you click on pirate mode, because it never mentions losing cryonite upon death.

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i think it depends on your level or the level of your ship cause i only lose like 8 to 11 when i die even when out of pirate mode

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Cryonite if a cryonite protect isnt bought for 1 month you will lose cryonite now as you level this amount of cryo builds im level 80 :) and i lose 1500 cryo per death if not more i do recormend taking a look into store if you pay i would surgest membership ultimate cryonite protect when in sol/draconis and cry booster for higher systems the bp tracker isnt worth it unless ur a solo players as if you grind rares or commons in groups the members without bp trackers will loose out!
hope this was helpful and yes you cant turn pm off unless killed by anouther player with Pirate Mode activated :)

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Originally posted by Level 80 Player gorgon706:

If a Cryonite Protectin isn’t bought for 1 Month you will lose Cryonite now as your level this amount of Cryonite builds,I’m level 80 :) and I lose 1500 Cryonite per death if not more I do recommend taking a look into store if you pay.
I would suggest Membership Ultimate Cryonite Protect when in Sol/Draconis Galaxy System and carry better booster for higher systems,the Blueprint Tracker isn’t worth it unless your a Solo Player as if you grind rares or commons in groups,the members without Blueprint Trackers will loose out!

Hope this was helpful and yes you can’t turn Pirate Mode off unless killed by another player with Pirate Mode activated. :)


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Added and fixed above to it.

Pirate Mode ,From Pirate Galaxy Wiki
When in PIRATE MODE, you can fight other human pilots and other pilots can fight you. But first, you have to reach Rank 10 to activate the Red Skull on the top center of your screen. After reaching rank 10, you will have the ability to activate pirate mode by simply clicking on the skull. Pirate Mode gives you the possibility to attack other players in PM, but you can be attacked too! Since the update you get no advantage from PM without having bounty. Get bounty by killing other pilot, and show that you’re not afraid to show your glory!
-Error on Rank to get Pirate Mode on Wiki

I might still be a low-leveled player but I know what to spend my money on and not waste it on games to get the best items and I know how to get Kreds on here buy not paying but doing Offers. Blueprint Tracker is worth a lot,the fact that you said it was not worth a lot is your opinion,other players think of it another way,like helping other players get it(You can use it many ways to help people).

I would not suggest buying anything at all,this is a Free Game which we play to have fun. Buying the best stuff for protection is not a way to solve things. This is a game where you learn to lose what you have for a reason you don’t know?(The game lists the missions and gives advice,Like some missions are designed for Squads)

You get 5 Free Resets,where you die and you need to be rescued and you will be back with 25% Heath and losing 1 Cyonite. You can not turn off Pirate Mode unless you get killed,You will be killing other players and you get a bounty as you kill players and will receive extra Experience. They get a bounty plus that you have when they kill you.