[Pirate Galaxy] Can't login/Find character

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I have a character on Aeria, via Kongregate. To login, I have to click “create new character” and point it the the Aeria server. It will then ask me to login, and it works.

Well today, it doesn’t. Just says a character with that name already exists (duh).
The character doesn’t come up on the list of characters, either.

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Sorry I did not understand what you were trying to say. Please contact our Support (at support.splitscreenstudios.com or by email support@pirategalaxy.com or with the Report a Bug Button below the game, or with the Button from within the game).
Describe your problem there again as detailed as possible and give as much information about your case, what server are you playing what is your ingame Pilotname.

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I submitted a request.

I’m saying that I cannot log into my character. My character does not appear on the list when you start the game. HOWEVER, if I manually try to create a new character on my server (Aeria) with the same character name, it will take me to a login page and I can enter the server.

This has changed, it no longer allows me to do this. I get a “User name already in use” error. So, I can’t login to my character at all.