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hey guys, i’ve been playing a little doomforge and i’ve been wondering how the crap do these level 4’s sudden get 40 range and triple combo me and hit like 50’s.

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I am asuming you meant rage, and not range.

1- Suddenly getting rage like that is propably lag. For me it takes a few seconds to register rage increase, and I have a good computer. Can’t imagine what it’s like for others.
2-By triple comboing I am asuming it’s when someone attacks, attacks right after that, then attacks right after that. If you save up rage, (which I do, because if you burst out damage really quickly all at once, they have less time to heal) you can attack like that, just over and over till’ your out of rage.
3-How often does it happen? Probably just a lucky string of crits’ if it doesen’t happen often. Anyway, if you use a skill as you leap to make an attack, both will deal damage as soon as you make contact with the enemy.