[Lord Of Ages] .... Logging in to main wesite with Kong id

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ok… few things which unless someone wants to fix this so i can log in then fuck it i’m done cause having to boot it up on my desktop every time i want to play well it’s gotten on my last nerve when i’m using it to work and switching is annoying.

Far as i know there’s 3 ways to play this game.

1. the main LoA website.
2. Facebook
3. Kong

Ok my problem is on laptop Kong does not load this game and only this game does not work. 2nd problem is i only used Kong to make an account for this game and i refuse to start over cause i’m tired of switching screens while working.

3rd on the main website you only offer 2 ways to log in Facebook or email for the website. From what i get to log in via Kong you have to load the Kong website and load the game up first well i cant do that and since i have no email for LoA i cant log in that way either and i didn’t link my facebook to anything.

Which there is my problem unless an admin wants to link my account to an email so i can log into the game from the main website then i have wasted my time with this game and wont bother wasting anymore on it or trying to get it to work.