[Dungeon Inquisitor] Why U Need to Follow

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Following is the most critical part of Dungeon Inquisitors. In order to get to that highest level of 10 (Dungeon Heart), u must follow & start as early as you can.

To follow someone, u need to have a Portal. U can create this in your Rooms tab. Each level of Portal will allow u to follow another player. U can follow up to 10 players with Portal at level 10.

The best players to follow are those at Lvl 9 as they’ll need at least 21 followers to get enough Max Soul Limit to advance to level 10. Not only can they aid u in providing prisoners (tamed or untamed) to help u upgrade your Rooms, they can also aid u in return when u are attacked by other players or when u need help in trapping a team of humans u can’t handle yourself.

Some of the higher level humans u need cannot be found as easily as u think (sorceror or sorceress for level 8 dungeon heart, Priest or Priestess for level 9). Thus by following these players, u can be assured of such humans when u need to upgrade your Dungeon Heart.

Following also allows u to reinforce the players u are following. Reinforcing is a great way for your troops to earn experience. U can send a max of 10 units out as reinforcements. They’ll most likely help in fighting Knight or Lord parties which will earn you loads of experience which u won’t be able to get at a low level while trapping archers or warriors.

If u ain’t following someone now, please start immediately, u’ll gain much more than u can accomplish yourself.

*Upgrading Dungeon Heart from level 9 to 10 requires 51200 souls, the Max Soul Limit for level 9 is 45000, thus u need at least 21 followers to get it to 51300. Each follower increases your limit by 300.
*Each Level of Dungeon Heart increases your Max Soul Limit by 5000. Thus,
Lvl 1 = 5000, L2 = 10K, L3 = 15K, L4 = 20K, L5 = 25K, L6 = 30K, L7 = 35K, L8 = 40K, L9 = 45K, L10 = 50K.