[Dungeon Inquisitor] Things u might want to know about

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Game thingies u might want to know about:
1) Magician = Sorceror or Sorceress (for upgrading lvl 8 dungeon heart)
2) Servant & Maid = Travels with Knight or Lord (for upgrading Barrack 6 & 7), definitely with lord, seldom with knight
3) Doctor is not Healer, Healer is Priest or Priestess who travels with Lord n u need 1 for dungeon heart 9 upgrade
4) Items for upgrading your units
Remote Stat = give to Skeleton or Corpse Archers
Attack Stat = give to Imp, Skeleton Soldier, Corpse Soldier or Dark Knight
Cure Stat = give to Dark Priest or Dark Priestess
Magic Stat = give to Dark Sorceror, Dark Sorceress or Mistress
Blood = give to any to improve their blood

  • Items with high stat can be reserved for Dark Lord but Dark Lord is very, very hard to train. Believe me, u don’t want to try training one if u ain’t playing seriously.
    5) Humans with colored names, stats on the humans goes: white < Blue < Purple (Total stats combined >75 is Blue)
    6) For Archers, u want Remote, for Soldiers, u want Blood * not defend or attack. Soldiers are meat shield, the more blood the better
    7) Items are need to upgrade your unit, example,
    Skeleton Archer:
    L1 to L2 = Bow, L2 to L3 = Leather Mail, L3 to L4 = Medicine, L4 to L5 = Ring, L6 to L7 = Equipment (excluding medicine), L7 to L8 = Equipment, L8 to L9 = Equipment, L9 to L10 = ? (havn’t reach yet, thus can’t say)
    8) Items that are not lures (afaik, u can’t use it to Set Trap):
    Leather Mail, Bows (any type), Chain Mail
    9) Interrogating a prisoner & not getting answer means the giver is likely dead. Example: “Who gave u the item” = I’m not sure, XXX have the item", no (i) appears next to the item
    10) Multiple same items on a human, only 1 will have an (i) if it’s Basket or Sickle. Other items are worth asking question on. A lady with 2 wedding ring can have the rings belonging to different persons.
  • Please post anything else you found out about the game or you would like to ask here.
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A simple question u can ask to Ladies & Knights or to Archers & Warriors:
“X have many Y?”
X = name of ruler or retainer who gave the item
Y = kind of retainer or villiens ruler might have
Retainer = archer, warrior, knight
Villien = peasant, countrywoman, hunter, huntress

“Harold have many knights?”
This will yield number of knights Lord Harold have.
“Ekaterina have many archers?”
This will yield number of archers Lady Ekaterina have
“Kasza have many warriors?”
This will yield number of warriors Knight Kasza have
“Lucast have many retainers?”
This will yield number of retainers Lucast have

Doesn’t work on Doctors or Prostitudes, they don’t know what troops their rulers (lovers) have.