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Returning after a 3 month absence it seems that relations between the Players and Developer/Mods have only grown worse. With so many players complaining there’s no doubt that there’s some degree of validity to their complaints of Mod behavior. On the other hand, I’d bet that few people have spent more time gaming on line than I have over the past five years and I don’t recall ever so much as speaking to a Mod, much less having problems with one.
In a perfect world, players who have developed a personal hatred for the game or toward those associated with the game would leave, never to be heard from again and the Dev would leave no stone unturned toward insuring that this problem, and let there be no doubt that a problem exists, is eradicated so it doesn’t rear it’s hideous head with the new players that come aboard.
Sadly, it’ll never be a perfect world.
I did contact Henry Kissinger and asked if he could help with the peace process, he said Vietnam was a piece of cake compared to this and hung up, which I thought was kinda rude.
One thing the game does have going for it is that the weapons aren’t real, thank goodness.

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