[Lord Of Ages] The Easter is waiting for you

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Dear player:
Let’s celebrate the Easter together!!!

Gifts Giveaway:
90-989 G-cash: Easter Egg 2, Aura Hammer *2
990-1989 G-cash: Easter Egg *10, Aura Hammer *20
1990-4989 G-cash: Easter Egg *50, Aura Hammer *100, Easter Mask
4990 G-cash: Easter Egg 100,Aura Hammer *200, Easter Mask2
Note: More purchases, more gifts.

Dragon Exploration :
During event, you’ll get Easter Egg*1, Aura Hammer*2 by exploring Dragon for the following times:
Bone Dragon: (0/350) Claim
Red Dragon: (0/ 16) Claim
Ghost Dragon: (0/ 12) Claim
Black Dragon: (0/ 7) Claim
Note: For Bone Dragon exploration you can accept rewards 5 times at most per day but no limit to the other three dragons.

Get Your Charm Up:
Send or receive gift to get Charm. Sender can get an extra reward of Easter Egg by sending Lv.3 or Lv.4 gift.
Lv. l Gifts=1 Charm
Lv. 2 Gifts =2 Charm
Lv. 3 Gifts =4 Charm
Lv. 4 Gifts =8 Charm

Daily top 3 players in Charm Rank on the event interface will be rewarded:

Top 1: Easter Egg*3, Aura Hammer*4, special effect bonus (effective for 24 hours)
Top 2: Easter Egg*2, Aura Hammer*3
Top 3: Easter Egg*1, Aura Hammer*2

Attack Points:
Accumulate daily attack points by heroes’ attack to get different rewards.
Daily Top 3 Rewards (Rewards distribution at 00:00 every day.):
Top 1: Easter Egg*4, Aura Hammer 6
Top 2: Easter Egg
2, Aura Hammer 4
Top3: Easter Egg
1, Aura Hammer *2

Tips: Daily point resets at 00:00 per day.
Daily rank renews every 30 mins.
Daily Stage Rewards (Click “Claim” button to get stage rewards.):
Stage 1: Reach 2,000, get Easter Egg*1, Aura Hammer 1
Stage 2: Reach 8,000, get Easter Egg
2,Aura Hammer 3
Stage 3: Reach 20,000, get Easter Egg
4,Aura Hammer*6
Total Points
Top 10 players will get rewards when the event ends. Rewards will be sent by the system automatically.

Top1: Golden Patch*8, Purple Patch*15, Easter Mask*1
Top2: Golden Patch*4, Purple Patch*10, Easter Mask*1
Top3: Golden Patch*2, Purple Patch*5, Easter Mask*1
Top4-5: Purple Patch*5, Easter Mask*1
Top6-10: Purple Patch*2, Easter Mask*1

Tips: 1. Total point resets when the whole event ends.
Total Rank renews every 1 hour.

Alliance Blessing:
During event, all alliance members will have a special effect if their alliance hit the most Easter Eggs
special effect info: 15% ratio to get double gifts when hitting Eggs during special effect time, effective for 24 hours.
Hit Easter Eggs Now!

50% Off:
During event, you’ll get an extra one for free if you purchase one of the following items. In other words, you get it at half price. Cool!
Senior Speedup Tokens
King’s Note
War Ensign
EXP Package II
Coins Box
Attack&Defense Booster
Navy Flag
Note: The extra one will be given instantly.