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Since No-one else here has made one that I have seen I’ve decided to make a basic guide, this guide will answer your questions such as “What do I research?”
and “Corvettes or Destroyers” and also to answer questions when a pop-up just doesn’t make sense, “It says target can’t hold fleet what I do?”


Well lets get you started, the most common question I get is…..
“If I have ______ with ________ and a commander like ________ can I take fort?

What I use is this 400 corvs with adv missile and targetter,a decent tactics commander is recommended.

Now that is a win, no matter what I will win the default SF battles with that set up. But as A minimum I was told that
400 corvettes with adv missile and targ with a 50 tactics commander.
NOTE: After update SF’s cost outweighs there benefit, theres no more exp from SF’s, only coins.


What should I take?
The best instance to train on is Legendary Capella, I would recommend 350-450 Military Missile corvs and some Range boosting modules.
On the way up however (Easy pirate lairs) you can just use Gunships, or what ever you have.

Pirate Lair bosses have the ‘black pearl’ equipped, its armour increases with each difficulty level. It is also classed as a supership which means that using corvs will pretty much fail. I use Battle cruisers agaisnt it but many new players won’t have that so here’s a hint for the first few bosses until you can build Star frigates.

Bosses for new players
3-4 Commanders able to hold 100 or so Transports

  • A commander holding 300 ships* Preferably corvs, with 5k+ Missile aircraft

Send one of your transport commander to start they fight they Are not mean to do much damage they are just there to tank the damage also remember that there are no losses on Instances.
After the first round release the aircraft, they should do most of the damage AND take out the enemy aircraft continue sending out your transport commanders. Once/If you run out of transport commanders send in your corvs, they should finish off they black pearl if not send more transport commanders into the Instance.

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There are lots of really importent buildings I’m going to start with the Open spot buildings (Excluding HEF, EF, WF)

Base Control (BC), This is needed to recruit commanders, you need a Base Control in EVERY colony if you want to transfer commanders. How many Base Controls you have in a Colony = How mnay commanders at a colony.
Max Level= 10
If you see something pop up saying “target location can’t hold fleet” when transfering an IMPORTANT commander, upgrade your base control or dismiss an unwanted commander.

Research Facility (RF), Is VERY important, each level adds 1 to your total research speed, with a high enough level of these in each colony it turns a 22 hour research to an 8hr one.

Ship Yard (SY), Used to build ships, the higher the level the less time it takes to build your ships.

Commercial Centre (CC), A level 1 CC lets you join a alliance and a lv 3 lets you create one. It also unlocks spots in your colony but since the Colony hub is level 20 now it is less importent.

Colony Hub (Chub) is the centre of your colony, it is the first building you start with and all other buildings in your colony can not level higher then the colony hub level. It is also handy for looking at how your colony uses rescources and the defence fleets of it. It also protects some rescources if you are raided.

Power Station, This should be your primary energy source at 25 power per hour, even though it requires a open spot with a Seismic Stabilizer I can still fit at least one on Leda. While it is more expensive and costs crystals past level 4 it is much better then a Solar Plants.


Detector: Used to detect enemy fleets arriving, gives us ETA, fleet str, player etc. Quite cheap, if I remember correctly 1hr detection time per level.

Store: Used to store resources, max level 20. It can store 5k resources per level.

Aeroponics: A good building as it produces the same amount of food as farms, essential for non fertile planets. However it is very power hungry.

Hydroponics: A cheaper, less time, resource and power consuming building then the aeroponics, however it gives out less then half the food production.

Factory: A goods production building, very power consuming and a pretty average income, also expensive to upgrade. However it does not cost any rescources p/h.

Missile Base: A defence building, how much damage it does depends on what missiles you have built and your colony leaders tactics, can be expensive to run if your constantly having to use it (you have to pay for new missiles.)

Industrial Plant: A Mega goods producer, even though it costs you a decent amount of ore p/h (Ore requirement rises with level)

Lance Base: I have felt the effect of lots of lances bases pounding my fleet. Its not good. This is a very good defence option even though it quickly becomes too crystal expensive for most non-Altairians. How much damage it does depends on you lance tech and governors tactics.

Colony Quarters: This is essential for your to have a 51%< efficiency, it adds to your colonies population which is needed for buildings (about half as much pop is needed as power) Altairians get a bonus +1 max pop cap per level.

Fuel Synthesiser: This is the only way to get fuel on planets without fuel nodes. It costs ore to run similarly to the Industrial Plant Not the best fuel income, but in some cases pretty much the only independent one.

Solar Panels: This is a pretty much pointless structure, it produces 1/5th of the power output of the power station and the only advantage of this building is that it does not require pop and can be built on a rough spot. Ironically its power output will be lowered if there is not enough power for 100% efficiency.

Resource Spots

Farm: A great way to produce food, Farms can be found on home colony planets and Leda. They require 1 Pop per level but no power :D.

Mines: Only way to produce ore other then raiding other places, these can be found on all planets, though very rarely on Leda.

Drills: Can be found on Diploe and nodes can be found on Zeus and Jacot. As with all resources found on home planet. A better way to produce fuel then with the synthesiser.

Special Rescources: (Gas refinery for Seekers, Crystal Mine for Altairs and Heavy Metal Mines for UEO) These require research to construct and their spots can only be found on special resource planets. They Will Not produce special resources on their own, but must be built to obtain them from nodes. With each level the increase production of these resources.

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Should I use open spot for power station or three solar panels with rough spots?

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power station’s work way better than solar panels.

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Power Stations are considerably better then Solar Plants so if you don’t need the Open spot for anything else, build one. Though do know to upgrade to level 5 and beyond requires crystal, a unique resource, so that could cause problems, though level 4 PP is far faster to reach then level 20 Solar.

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Should I build farms or aeroponics for food?

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If you have fertile land, then Farms unless you have scads of power. Aeroponics is very power hungry at needing 3/lv (farms need no power), but does appear to now give more then farms production wise. However, food is only needed for buildings and usually you’ll have plenty from just getting farms to reasonable levels. If you’re hurting for food though, go for aeroponics, just be ready to build more Power Stations and/or Solar Panels.

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is there some way to increase success chance for chasis reinforcement? Or at least to prevent degradation when reinforcement fails?

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Originally posted by windalu:

is there some way to increase success chance for chasis reinforcement? Or at least to prevent degradation when reinforcement fails?

Unfortunately not :/

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why not pay 10 times required resources,items and credits for a 100% level up?

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It would be nice, I had Corvettes at Level 3 or 4, took me 5 Million creds to reach level 10 and most of that was eaten going back and forth from Lev 3 to 6 more times then I cared. I think I only failed once or twice above level 8 oddly enough.

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How to win Pirate Lair easy for starters.
100 destroyers with energized plating and fighter bay with weapon cannon/lance. 1250 aircrafts required.
Send 4 of these commanders and you should be okay.

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does loyalty affect leader?

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I’ve not seen a direct effect of Loyalty. But I do know from the game’s description that loyalty = 0 is bad and pretty much means you have to dismiss the commander or use a special item to restore it. Reason being is they won’t fight which is the only way to rebuild loyalty.

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can a colony be abandoned

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Originally posted by Gladiatus16:

can a colony be abandoned

yes, but the start colony can’t be abandoned….click on the colony , there will be an option saying abandon….

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plz put a screen shot