[Striker Superstars] A couple suggestions

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Just a couple suggestions, not sure how implementable they are but here’s a short list. Feel free to give positive criticism, or add on:

-Adding A Friend:
Add a friend directly, as in you can click “Add Friend” type in there name and it sends a request. Just in case chat goes down or something similar can still start teams.

-Slide Tackles From Behind:
Slide tackles from the back may need to be revamped, I’ve seen some pretty clean tackles from the back that I think are called just because they’re from back.

-Freeze at End of Match:
End of game freezing. Not sure if this is a known bug but sometimes the game freezes after a match is over.

-In Game Chat:
In game chat needs a couple tweaks, maybe chat to everyone, let us use the word “passes”, expand character count to a little more, and maybe let us edit quick chat for num pad.

Maybe some more items. In the base layer section I mean. And maybe add a shorts section. Just a suggestion, but not to big of a deal.

-Red Cards:
Red Cards should have the player kicked out, with no sub. Sucks, but we’ll get people to stop doing it as much. Maybe cap it off where they have at least two players at all time, but right now Reds don’t mean much. Also, maybe spectate the game from over head if you are ejected for a red card.

-Spectate Mode:
Watch a games friend.

-Private Match:
In team mode, have it where you can invite the Captain of the other team for a private match, that way we can have tournaments set up, or if it was a good game have a rematch. Make them unranked if you’re worried about people ranking up.

-Custom controls:
I find them fine, others don’t. Maybe add custom controls?

Explanations of these:
How you get points, or how they derive why this player is better than this player. What is calculated and what isn’t.

-Kicking Power
If it goes in the red, does that lower your shot?

-How the A.I. is set up to play
Might give us a better idea of how to play with them.

How that works, blah blah blah.

I’m sure I forgot some stuff, so feel free to add/critique the post.

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I completely agree with all of this Greg. BUMP

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Actually, one last thing.

Away from keyboard kicks

-Once a person is away for one minute, he’s out of the game and a sub comes in.