[WarMage Battlegrounds] Guide for New Players

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Thought I would write a Guide for new players, as well as comments on the starting units. Hope you find it useful, feel free to list your own tips and formation suggestions.

Flanking: If units are on opposite sides of an enemy, melee attacks against that enemy deal double damage, take advantage of this, flank your opponents and try to place your units so they cannot be flanked.

Spread out: There are a lot of area effect attacks and spells, try and keep at least 1 space between all your units to avoid making them easy targets.

Units targeting: Kill the lowest HP units as soon as possible. i.e. enemy icemages are fragile and die easily but if left alone will cause a lot of damage.

Mana Wells: Very useful if you can hold onto it, critically important if the map is 2X or 3X mana regeneration.

Spells: Spam them. Use them to kill off enemies with low HP and long ranged attacks, then use tremor to hit groups. Don't save your mana, killing off enemy units quickly is key.

Resistance: Just match your spells and abilities to your opponents resistances, it pays off.

Time: play a few custom games with 5 min turn timers so you can take the time to examine your enemy abilities and resistances without being rushed.

Details: Strongest starting unit, one of the best frontline units in the game, excellent HP and Resistances, no vulnerabilities, retaliates, attacks and halts units that pass nearby. Deals crushing damage which is resisted less often than other physical damage. Hammer ability has a small area effect and a bit extra range. Remember - retaliation and passing attacks generate morale :)

Strategy: Place them right up the front, run them into the thick of your opponents as soon as you can, his passing attack will disrupt the enemies ability to move around. If your opponent uses a melee attack - good, your retaliation will probably kill off more of their units than they kill of yours. If you are just out of range, use your crushing hammer ability, this also prevents enemy retaliation attacks. Consider having multiple squads of defenders, they can seriously hamper your enemies mobility and can take a lot of punishment.

Cheap melee support, 4 move points, retaliates when attacked, touch of life doesnt heal much damage but it gains morale instead of costing it. Restoring circle heals a moderate amount to all nearby allies but is a very cheap ability. mid-low HP

Strategy: Keep clerics up near the front lines, with their 4 move points they can be useful for taking and holding mana pools or getting behind an enemy to allow a stronger unit to hit with flanking attacks. They might be useful in melee but they dont give much advantage, consider swapping clerics for another unit.

Cheap basic melee units, mid-low HP, retaliates when attacked, 4 move points

Strategy: move them next to your enemy and attack. their 4 move points can help you surround your enemies, their morale abilities can do decent damage... but all in all they don't provide much advantage, I suggest you swap em for defenders.

Cheap, short-to-medium range unit. Decent area effect abilities.

Strategy: Keep them between your long range units and the enemy, don't send them to the front. Wait for a good moment when you have a lot of morale and you opponents has units bunched together, windcloaked can do a lot of damage. they can be very useful if your opponent has a lot of units that retaliate.

Cheap, slow, fragile, very long range. often overlooked is the fact that they start with 5% chance of an extra turn instead on 2%. their primary attack has 9 range and gains morale. their icestorm ability deals a lot of damage to a large area from 5 range.

Strategy: Keep them way from the enemy, they die very, very easily. If you can manage this the icemage will reward you by dealing consistent, precise damage as you need it, with an excellent area effect back up. If your icemages die too quickly, consider swapping them for windcloaked.

Defenders x35
Defenders x35
Defenders x5
Defenders x5
Windcloaked/Icemages x33

Use the x5 defenders stacks to take and hold secluded mana wells. Send the x35 defender stacks right into the enemy to disrupt them and focus their attention. Hopefully your opponent will cluster around these 2 stacks. Hold the ranged stack behind to use up morale and deal area effect damage to clustered enemies. Use the extra mana to spam spells.
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thanks for putting this together and sharing! i look forward to seeing what other players think and the additions that are made. :)

~ thia ~