[Striker Superstars] does anyone else feel like we are 10 year olds not pros?

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I know I’m not very good, nor have I played 500 games to make my player have good stats but I’ve played about 10 and I’ve noticed a few things

1) Your stamina goes down way to quickly when moving with the ball
—→This means even with the cleanest play ever where it is just you on the side of the field and the keeper, well you may as well just punt it out of bounds bc that is where it is going
2) The stamina effects way to much, moving with the ball, sprinting,shooting
I missed the part where a pro player can only sprint 10 feet before being exhausted
3) Can we make training take way less time? Sorry but it is silly to wait 45 minutes for a skill point, esp bc skill points don’t seem to do much
—> me with 7 running vs someone with 1 running (I know bc it was their first game) I know I shouldn’t be zipping around the field but even running right next to him I don’t feel even marginally faster

In general I like the game but I feel like me personally would be better at soccer than my “pro” player (that said I’m not in peak physical shape, but I am better than average)

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That is y u get anticipation up so u have more power and accuracy with low stamina. I completely agree about the stamina since i could easily outrun those players for a way longer distance. But it is just a game and the devs don’t want it to be easy to single handedly win. This game is all about teamwork and passing.