[WarMage Battlegrounds] FAQs Regarding Non-Human WarMages

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FAQs Regarding Non-Human WarMages
last updated April 12, 2012
Many users have asked if they will be able to create a non-Human WarMage in the future. Like you, we are looking forward to offering this option someday. Below is an FAQ that will hopefully address your questions. We will add more to the list as they come up.

Can I create a non-human WarMage?
At this time, the only race available when creating a WarMage is Human, but your WarMage can command a wide variety of Battle Units of many different races.

When will additional races be available?
Additional races will not be available in the immediate future and there is no estimate for their completion.

Will non-Human WarMages have different stats from Human WarMages?
Probably not. The only differences will likely be in appearance.

Should I make a Human WarMage now or wait until the race I want to play is available?
You should make a Human WarMage! Why wait to start having fun? Once we release other WarMage races, you will be able to unlock them in the store. In the future, we will be polling our players to see which races are in high demand so be sure to vote for your favorite race!

Will I be able to change the race of my WarMage in the future?
At this time we are uncertain as to whether or not you will be able to change the race of your existing WarMage in the future. We are certain that we will do our best to reward players dedicated to WarMage Battlegrounds.

When the ability to create non-Human WarMages is available, will it be available for Gold or Burst Coins?
How much will it cost?

At this time we are uncertain how or when new WarMage races will be made available to our players.

Why do I see other players who have non-Human WarMages?
Players with non-Human WarMages are those who have been playing WarMage Battlegrounds since alpha or closed beta. At that time we offered a small selection of non-customizable WarMage appearances which included non-Human races.

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my suggestion is to just have 1 race per different type of army (dragonkin, elf, dwarf, ect.)