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Game guide [spolier]

-This game name is gunshine, zombies online is the theme.
-There are many bugs in this game. some of them give advantages to players.
-most errors can be solved by clearing caches and cookies.
-I am not pvp lover so there is no special guide about pvp.

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Hot questions

1. Where can I buy beta key?
- beta key is at the shop at star icon label. 1 beta key required 50 diamonds to buy.

2. What does beta key do?
- unlock omega island at the top right of map.

3. How can I get diamonds?
- through surveys in gunshine.net (rare) (for 3 months I got only 12 diamonds)
- through payment systems
- free 10 diamonds at start
- leveling your characters, 5 diamonds at level 10, 20,29 and 1 diamond at level 21-28
= 115 diamonds

4. How can I get power cells?
- daily quests on small islands (5 zones on each)
- buying using diamonds
- do the pvp quests
- get power cells through facebook by using free gift (1x power cells per 1 facebook friend per about 8 hours?) and send gift (30x power cells per hour)

5. Why should I get beta key?
- If you are hunter, you need beta key to access the boss “swarmbot” for the best weapon for hunter.

6. What should I spend diamonds for?
- from the most important to lesser
1. buying equiments
2. buying beta key
3. buying back slot
Others usually can be obtain without diamonds

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[Start game!]

First of all, you need to play this game on facebook to solve materials problems (power cells, nanobots, armor plates and more). Don’t play this game in kongregate.

[Creating characters]

There are 3 classes in the game. you should have only 1 main character per account to maximum efficiency by using diamonds for your character. ( I don’t encourage you to make multiple account!)

1. [Body guard] [BG]
Maximum damage : about 1070+ damage per second
Maximum damage with double smart minds : about 1100+ damage per second
Maximum armor : about 1900
Maximum armor with harden, force field and thrust : about 5400+
primary weapon : melee weapon
best skill: tuant
worst skill: Berserk rage
best weapon : skull master (bulwark)

role in combat: from the most important to lesser
1. making enemies unable to attack or doing less damage
2. making all enemies targeting you
3. take less damage as possible
4. do high damage as possible

1st special weapon: bulwark type
2nd special weapon: hurricane type

skill tip : craft hurricane only level 1.

[Pro&con as bg]
- high damage, high armor, high hp, good stunners
- best farming class (with bug)
- due to melee user, they are the worst in pvp

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2. [Hunter]
Maximum damage : about 1200 damage per second
Maximum armor : about 500
primary weapon : range weapon
best skill : repel
worst skill : Pocket vibrator?
best weapon : Minty ultrasonic

role in combat :
1. take down enemies as fast as possible.

1st special weapon : leviathan type

skill tip : Pocket vibrator? isn’t useful

[Pro&Con as hunter]
- rule the pvp
- do highest damage per second in the game
- easiest class to play
- only a few players can master the hunter class because it is easy to play

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3. [Doctor]
Maximum damage : about 900 damage per seond
Maximum armor : about 400
maximum armor with doctor’s shield, force field, stone skin and extend armor : about 43000
primary weapon : range weapon
best skill : quick heal
worst skill : group heal
best weapon : silver owl
optional weapon : hot fizz

role in combat :
1. heal, keep the group alive and stun enemies
2. keep yourself alive

1st special weapon : prolonger type

skill tip :
1. when you are under attacked by high damage, using doctor’s shield + force field will make you as if you were invincible for 25 secs
2. craft knocker only level 1

[Pro&Con as Doctor]
- Can do bg role and hunter role but it is not as effective as them
- hardest class to master
- when facing some hard bosses and you are only doc in the group, you may need to think every moves to keep group alive.

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level 1~ do the quests until you can access the next area
level ~4 keep doing boss finder “mutated zombie”
level 5-7 keep doing boss finder “piggy bob” shooting only exploding pigs and ensure that you hit them once, when they run to you and explode (die) you will get easy exp and loots

level 8 keep doing boss finder “troll lair”
level 9-12 keep doing boss finder “mafiso”
after this you may buy new weapons and do some quests to get new equiments
level 13 keep doing boss finder “black beard”
level 14 keep doing boss finder “Demolish bot”
level 15-18 keep doing boss finder “ED-187”
level 19-22 keep doing boss finder “genetic lab” and try to get mutant stick or something like that (melee weapon)
level 23-24 keep doing boss finder “genetic lab” or “spider bot” or leveling by yourself by doing quests or farming enemies
level 25-27 keep doing “kill master” and try to get plan from “sun spider”

fastest days I did : 8 days from level 1 to level 30


level 8-11 keep doing boss finder “mafiso” try to get mafiso shotgun
level 12 keep doing boss finder “black beard”
level 13 keep doing boss finder “Demolish bot”
level 14-17 keep doing boss finder “ED-187”
level 18-21 keep doing boss finder “genetic lab” and try to get mutant shotgun
level 22 keep doing boss finder “spider bot” or leveling by yourself
level 23-27 keep doing “kill master” and try to get plan from “sun spider”

fastest day I did : 4 days from level 1 to level 30

=Doctor ( heal who have higher or equal level to enemies and are attacking enemies to get exp)

level 8-9 keep doing boss finder “mafiso”
level 10 keep doing boss finder “black beard”
level 11-15 keep doing boss finder “black beard” or “Demolish bot” or “Ed-187”
level 16-20 keep doing boss finder “genetic lab”
level 21-25 keep doing boss finder “kill master”
level 26-27 keep doing boss finder “akirun” or “ship de Palma”

fastest day I did : 2 days or 31 hours from level 1 to level 30

level 28 keep doing boss finder “akirun” or “sentinel” or “Ship de Palma”
level 29 start farming or leveling by using exploit or keep doing the same as level 28
level 30 there is no need to leveling anymore. It is time for all purple equiments and weapons. check the wikia and go for the bosses that drop what you want.
(type “gunshine boss drops” in google)

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Bosses tactics (boss finder)

level 4 mutaed zombie
- if you are targeted by boss just running away from it

level 5? grim gonzels (no need boss finder)
- if you can’t beat him alone just level up and come again or using bandage

level 6 piggy bob
-try to keep yourself alive, using bandage will help you

level 7 troll lair
-if you are targeted and you are not body guard, try to run around

level 10 mafiso
-keep hitting only on the boss, may use special bullets when the boss almost dies

level 13 Ant (having only level 15 enemies)
- don’t do it, but if you want you need to be level 15 first (still hard at level 15)
- try to fight one by one and clear everything around the bosses before fighting them

level 14 black beard
- if black beard targets you try to run to the starter position (at the beginning)

level 15 Demolish bot
- this boss finder should be switched with level 13 ant boss finder

level 16 ED-187
-clear 3 guards before fighting the boss
-you may need to kill enemies that boss spawns before taking it down

level 20 pimp mother
- easy

level 20 genetic lab
- clear enemies around the boss before attacking them
-for the last boss if you are targeted by the boss or enemies that boss spawns try to run around, try not to be hit

level 24 sun spider
-don’t run around the room or else 2 guards at the door in the boss room will come to kill your team

level 25 sun spider
- you should not fight the enemies in the building if you don’t know how to kill them one by one
- in 3rd floor you should not fight the enemies

level 25 kill master
-easy just time consuming

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[level 30 bosses] maybe easiest to toughest

= “akirun”
- watch out the sniper girls, they do high damage and have long range
- for the boss, he will use poison about every 30 seconds

= “sentinel”
- try to kill them one by one
- turrets can’t move so you may lure the enemies near them away from them and take them down
- boss usually shoot the mortar to doctors so they need to dodge it

= “ship de palma”
- try to take them down one by one if they come as a horde just keep running away
- for the boss, she has powerful stun. Bodyguard[bg] needs to have high hp to endure damage (7000+) and a good doc to fix it.
- bg doesn’t need to tank. they may keep using tuant and running around the boss room

= “slave master”
- for the boss, you may need to kill enemies that boss spawns.
- If you are targeted by the boss, you may run around the room.

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= “Red hot”
- If you are targeted by the boss, you may run around the room.

= “Devourer dragon”
- bg needs to keep tanking and doc ( may be 2 doctors) keep healing
- don’t run, this boss has a skill that slow down your movement speed.

= “Raider valley”
- if you are targeted by the boss you may run around.

= “Raider village”
- for vega, he has bazooka that do high damage. so it is better to have high hp bg (7000+) and heal them to the max
- for vega 2.0, he has area of effect skill using every 30 seconds doing high damage and long time stunning. If you are not bg you can dodge it by using the wall to block the effect or snipe the boss from far away

= “Queen of diamonds (QoD)”
- for the night club bouncer, he has armor breaker skill so try not to tank against him
- in the slave eater room, elites slavers have armor breaker skill so try not to tank against them.
- for sugar cup, try to stun her minions or run around if you get ganged up
- for the cage fight, the 4th one, you may need to run around. if you can’t beat 1st 2nd or 3rd, you need to get better gears or find other good team
- for vip bot, with high hp bg using force field you can attack vip bot directly. Also you can destroy 4 control units so that miniboss in cage will be released and help you fighing the boss
-for control units there is some positions that control unit can’t shoot you back
-for mary and rockhead, you team need to tuant or hit rockhead from the right side first, when rockhead hp is about 10% or below, queen mary will assist him and buff themselves, you team may die so before you die you should not run but just stand there in order to make mary not to see rockhead when they come back to their beginning position. when you come again, shoot rockhead from the right side, take him down, mary next.

= “Power Plant”
-For red spider mite, you need to run around the structure if you are targeted. try to dodge EVERYTHING that it fires.

= “Dr.Bauhoff”
-in Dr. Cat room, there are 3 enemies staying close at the beginning. you don’t need to kill them
-for Dr. cat, you should lure her to run back as far as possible but not the 3 enemies that you don’t kill (just near)
-for security captain, kill every single enemies that he spawns (except the last which doesn’t need) he will use poison when he uses gun and.
-Security captain will use poison again in gun mode when the cooldown of the previous poison is almost out

= “Riot Town”
- For riot captain, kill enemies that he spawns
- For Supersoldier officer, kill enermiies that he spawns. He will fire deadly bazooka 4000 damage at least on bg every 20 seconds so you need a good doc or 2 docs to heal bg.
also normal hit of this boss does high damage

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= “Seven Deadly Sins”
group suggestion for beating Dr. Evil Emmett “bg hunter doc doc”
possible group “doc XX XX XX”
- if you are targeted by wrath or glutton and you are not bg, try to snipe the boss as far as possible.
- Always kill the enemies that boss spawns
- for chimera, it has bixie skill which decrease target’s armor by 50%. you can run around if you can’t endure the damage

-for Dr. Evil Emmett, you need full epic end game group, bg has decent hp (12k+) (lower hp can do but risky)
, docs have prolonger weapon, hunter has crazy damage per second (should have 1000+)
emmett will use poison after the first when the previous poison cooldown reach 7 o’clock so it is time to dodge for docs

In the boss room, there is glass wall and desk that you can use to block his poison

during the fight, he will spawn only 1 prototype chimera (elite) which can cast bixie and decrease target’s armor by 50%
if the tanker is hit by it, S/he may die
because bixie -50% armor + emmett poison -80% armor = you almost have no armor left

emmett also can stun you for long time

=> If you team has doc with prolonger ONLY bg that has bulwark weapon can hold and manage the boss to attack only s/he all the time

emmett can heal himself so if you have low damage hunter, this fight may take forever.

During the fight, bg is stunned almost all the time

= “prison”
-prison is all about testing your team equiments that are end game or almost end game equiments or not
-for bomber, if you are hunter or doctor try to snipe him and dodge everything he throws at you

= “Maniac Mansion”
- For victor, you can try to run to the boss room and stun the enemies that are in your way.
- For hector, you may use specific position for easy killing. you can use car to block poison and the red wall at the north of the car to block poison. Hector will have a change to use poison again after the previous one 22 secs
- During hector fight, he will spawn 8 elites when he has half hp and order them to target your group. If your hunters are decent, they can take them down in no time.
- For bob, he has skill to reduce your maximum hp temporary by half (When you are in slow motion), to avoid this you just snipe them from far away and let only bg take that skill.

There is no beta bosses guide but I think that if you can beat all these bosses you can beat the beta bosses too.

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Thank you!!!

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Beta boss

= “Headless zombie” level 10
- He will stun you every 30 secs
- His abilities are the same as vega 2.0

Beta boss level 30

= “L.A.R.P.U.”
- easy
- if you don’t have bg, tanker needs to use force field and take about 260+ damage per hit but ment will fix that

= “Secret Cave”
- When you enter the under ground choose the following door
→ left door → right door → right door → 2nd door from the left → 4th door from the left
→ boss room
- for boss, there is a wall behind the boss which has a hole. you can use wall to block his stun every 30 secs. (stun damage isn’t high)

= “Omega Harbour”
-clear all enemies first
-For the enemies in boss room, one of your team need to go outside of every room then move along the north way behind the building then wait for the boss and shoot it from outside. S/he will do no damage and boss keeps evading but it doesn’t move so others can move in and clear all enemies inside boss room
- For boss, move to the orange car at south and lure boss here. If you get shoot, you need to run around the car to dodge
- the boss has 2 skills
1. is special 1 target shot. its tail will glow red and shot. what you need to do is using car to block it
2. is solar deadly Area of Effect skill, if you get hit even prolonger doc can’t heal you fast enough. so if you are targeted by the boss… you need to use car to block damage

= “Wetlands”
- I used exploit to beat him
- I have not tried with full epic end game group yet due to the number of players problem in gunshine.

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Ps. It is possible to beat every bosses without bodyguard
also if boss uses melee weapon all the time, it is possible to have just hunters in team.

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If A hire B, B only get 20% of money that A paid

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Thanks for this guide, it’s Awesome!

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the game shut down so sadddd

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I’m really upset this game was shut down, right now I’m talking (or at least trying) to get the developers answer on to why he closed the game. Very sad :(

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Why the game just Shut down ?
This is one of the most cool games of zombies in Kongregate and other sites.

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someone make this game but call it revived zombies online