[Striker Superstars] Several Game suggestions Chapter.1

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Hello, ill get straight to the point, im a feedback lover and i liked this game.

Having said that ive been coming up with some ideas while playing it (from lvl 0 to lvl 20 at the moment), and i hope to point small problems and contribute practical, simple ideas to further improve the strongest aspects in this game :P, so here they are listed in an pseudo ordered fashion along with a brief explanation…

- Ingame Information

  • Checking Opposite team=
    I like checking my opponents team specially looking for high level players to be extra cautious with.. having said that theres only 2 short chances (one at begging, one at midtime) in the whole match to check the enemy stats and level, however i think it wouldnt hurt to be able to check this information anytime the player wants ( you can already check your own team so , sounds feasible).

-When a match finishes

  • Extra Team chat time= It would be nice to have some extra chat time when the match ends to congratulate my team for the effort on the match , regardless if we won or lost.. i feel kind of censored limited when the game finishes and i just cant write " Well done guys "

Clearer match stats windows (show Teams compositions + Accurate Portrait + Rating Earned)=

  • Team composition=Ive said it once and i may be incredibly dumb BUUUT haha, i often confuse the team stats since they are listed only by team color, the situation here is that after 10 or 20 games ive been on any dang team color, try picturing something like being blue , red, blue , blue again.. red.. red again etc etc, after many games i just cant recall back what last color my team was and i have to closely observe to find the stats that clearly diferentiated us.. like goals scored for instance .. ( not useful in draws though haha ).. So something like a summarize of the team composition along with the stats would make it perfectly clear ( you could even use that information to right click add friends from there if you liked how they played thus avoiding having to remember the nicknames of them and save further searching ).
  • Accurate Portrait=With the last thing in mind, my first instinct was to look at the second tab ( the personal stats) to see wich uniform my portrait was wearing and confirm the team color haha, sadly the portrait avatar ALWAYS uses RED shirt.
  • Rating earned=Finally but not least, it was a mystery to me how rating points were calculated from the matches, needless to say for new players they dont even know what rating is for, i think for starters players should know how many rating points they earn per match and whats their purpose ( perhaps even showing a little quick animation of the rating points being calculated? that would be interesting to enhance the good effort put into generating good passes/tackles/shots )

-Returning to MainLobby

  • Shorten/Disappear won Xp and Dollars animations= I dont think is neccesary to sit down and see how each single point of Xp and several chunks of dollars acumulates little by little to my stats ( specially if you have Xp boost that can raise up to 15 the XP! thus enlarging the animation) and specially since i already knew how many i won at the end game screens, even more if im eager to start quickly another game before other players in the queue start, one cant use the chat, or make a team or add a friend during this.. and it should be something skippable or at least much quicker i say.
  • Eliminate/Control HoverMouse descriptions= It frecuently happens that some descriptions pop up from the background to the front if you hover your mouse over them EVEN if you currently have the chat lobby open, these pop up descriptions annoyingly tend to block lobby information. I think they should be able to be turned on and off when desired.. or be vanished to the moon forever.

And thats it.. thats all my suggestions so far.. :P and i hope they make any sense for being considered, if not.. well.. im just a fool mortal..

Keep the good work!

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Hi Coltxx,

We have added some of the feedback you requested in the current version of the game.

  • Checking opposite team. If you hold down T during the match you get the same team overlay you get at half time. You can do this as many times as you want during the match. We want to come up with a nicer way of toggling between your own and opposition teams, suggestions welcome. Keyboard combos are hard to explain but we think single tap of T for red, double tap of T for blue maybe might work.
  • We’ve enabled the team chat after the match now :)
  • We plan of overhauling these screens soon, they haven’t had enough love from the start! I’ll be sure to take into account all your suggestions.
  • I agree about the rating & portrait, they’re something we will improve.
  • I think that we should keep the XP and dollar animations as they are but maybe have a ‘skip’ button that would allow you to take them all in one go, would that work?
  • Having the tooltips there isn’t a bad thing as such, the problem is that they appear over things they shouldn’t! This is a bug that we’re dying to fix as it irritates the hell out of us! Will try to get it done as soon as possible!

Thanks very much for the feedback, keep it coming!

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Excellent! im glad i trew something useful, about the Xp animation, absolutely, to be able to take them in one go would work just fine im sure ( i like the feeling of accumulating that it brings.. however its not really practical to wait for that too long, whilst unable to do anything else..), and about the tooltips i absolutely agree on their usefulness, however they tend to get annoying after you already read them 20 times each and just happened to move the cursor around one (again), so thats why i tought their appearance could be controled from the interface with a special button herpaps ( like the one marked with question mark ) thus turning them on and off to users content and for clean interface sake :D
Still its just a small detail that can be ignored, there are other cool things in my mind regarding to lobby information that could be really interesting.. i will post those later to see what you guys think.