[Dungeon Inquisitor] Idea for Guild War

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As i see there is no use of Alliances in this game i suggest for a new kind of contest which member of Alliances can work together.
The rule is:
1st,In Guild War time the revive button is disable, the unit won’t take any money due to some people have negative income.
2nd, A guild will join or not depend on overlord.
3rd, The guild will atk each other till all of the member of one guild died or the war time is end. The attacker will take nothing in guild war time.
4nd, the winner take the reward.
5nd: Every ATK and rein became 15 minute.
Gold, Good item such as 30-40%. Good Unit.
I hope you like my idea and make it due to the fight system is not really good and the useless of Alliances when i can’t even rein my Alliance’s member.