[Striker Superstars] Release Notes - Version 3.52

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Below are the changes for the latest version live.

• Striker Superstars
- Fix for Kongregate users receiving registration rewards each time character is created
- Fix for incorrect ‘Credits Not Awarded’ error messages
- IE7 + 8 Cross Browser Styling

• New escape menus to show reasons to not leave game and one for each match type
• New queueing menu and systems
• Removed match preferences from options panel
• New server is restarting panel added
• Changed consumables to drinks throughout UI
• New keyboard overlays to remove lock cursor key
• Changed server info panel to have Cash Prize Match instead of Tournament Match

• Match queue form updated to be a bit clearer, you can pick the match type you’re interested in a lot easier now.
• The queuing panel will now show a “Match is about to start” message just before going into a match, and the “Leave” button will be disabled. How long you see this for will vary (it depends on how long a webservice request takes to come back). People were previously able to quit the queue despite the fact that the server considered them committed to a match. We think this change should reduce if not eliminate instances of short-handed teams in the pre-match team info.
• Bottom status bar now changes to show a countdown when the Lobby Server is in shutdown mode, and certain features will be disabled at various points during that countdown.
• Match chat is now available after the match has finished.
• Chat reconnect in match if lost during the match
• Implemented nicer quit menu for different match types
• Lots of connection error work for the match server during and before matches.
• Lots of work on the input focussing bugs, tidied up how focus is controlled
• Re-aligned the lost connection match gui panel.
• Persist match zoom, view type, what UI should be shown and full screen preference so that it does not need to be redone in each match.
• Using ‘Rating’ instead of ‘Rank’ in the top bar

  • Pro-coaching now completes immediately
  • Holding T in the match now allows you to see the opposition team also.
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i dont get the " Changed consumables to drinks throughout UI " what that means?

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It is just the text on tabs used to say Other but it has now been changed to ‘Drinks’ in the shop and inventory.

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Will there be other consumables other than drinks later ??

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Also , why is there a " boost item " section ? ( at the down part of the inventory ) i have no idea of how it works whatsoever, and what it does..

Hoping a response soon..