[Eredan iTCG] Beating King Hrimiririrerhererier

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This deck beats him about 7/10 times with no favors, another 2 times with one favor and one out of ten times he stomps me.

The first group of cards are the most important to making the deck work, the second group of cards help win maybe 1/10 games and the third group of cards are mildly useful but, but I usually discard most of them so they could be subbed for many other cards and not hurt your chances much.

I don’t think you have to have torment either, he’s ideal because he usually survives the first turn and does a lot of damage twice, but if you don’t own him just sub another nehant, I think the next two guys I’d use would be Iron Mask and Shadow Lady.

Use the clumsiness’ to remove the Ice Auras, Try to time demon may rise so it hits after he plays his rage card. If he doesn’t have rage and you have a demon may rise on him than use portal when you go first.

If he has rage, dump as many 1x cards that aren’t helping you win so that you can pump his attack and kill him faster.

Use your book to heal amadaraxar when that helps you win.

If you have the first nine cards and you’re not winning with this deck than you need to learn to play better, sorry if that hurts your feelings but subsequent responses to this post complaining about losses will just expose your bad play.

Torment, Dimizar, Amadaraxar

Demon May Rise – 3
Demonic Portal – 3
Clumsiness – 3

The Forbidden Book – 1
Artrizel’s Heritage – 1

Stone Heart – 1
Wanted – 3
Paranoia – 2
Dark Fury -1
Dark Stone Heart – 1