[Striker Superstars] Charging a kick ¿does it make a difference?

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Ive been with really strong doubts recently about if charging a shot or a pass really makes any difference in the result (compared to just quickly click it away with no charge at all).
Ive found that what matters the most is just where are you aiming ( thus the force or distance the ball will travel), charging it does not produce any noticeable result for me ! on both passing and shooting or even preloading … so heres the big question .. Whats the purpose on that charging bar?..

If theres any, could you explain at least what are the effects at different power levels?( ie, lowest.. maximum.. medium.. perhaps theres a sweetspot ???) i dont know anything of this yet.. and i already played around 200 matches but.. i still cant figure this out accurately..

However i sure must add that at my begginings at the game i used to charge all my shots to the fullest (whilst running to the goalie area).. and i used to score 3 out of 10 shots at least… ( aiming at top corners) … in the last 30 matches that i switched my technique to just do quick click shots ( with no charge ) i think im scoring 1 out of 15 !!at most ! but my shots still look as potent as before..(perhaps a little less accuracy, but i like being able to shoot much quicker than charging) so its been interesting .. if not annoying that each match im doing around 15 or even 20 failed attempts with goalie catching it up ! ( i sure never give up triying) and still unable to score properly.. Its bad for a strikers soul to actually rarely strike :( … after 20 failed attempts .. u rarely have team trust anymore to receive any further passes.. thus killing my spirits to play :(

For the record, I have 78 kicking Power and 76 shooting accuracy..

And talking about accuracy .. this attribute states that the greater .. the closest the ball will be at the center of aim.. i still see about 5 out of 10 shots go wider than the center of where i was aiming.. ( sometimes 1 or 2 shots from those a whole lot wider ), since i like to do top corner shots.. this is really annoying.. since i depend on my shots being accurate to dont just send the ball to the moon everytime.. so my question would be .. ¿how many points are actually really needed to REALLY .. like REALLY REALLY REALLLY get to shoot always at the center of aim?..

Having said that im starting to feel that most of the stats are not that much influential in the game (if none at all), comparing myself from being a level 1 player to a level 24, around 70 stat points later the only noticeable ones to me are Movement rate, stamina, and kicking power (a bit).. and just decently noticeable.. considering each point takes hours to develop.. and 70 barely are noticed (at least to me) .. well, its kind of demotivational to me..

what are your toughts on this ?

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1 click shots, passes are 100% charges but suffer a greater degree of inaccuracy over a charged shot/pass.

inaccuracy is also determined by other factors such as body position if you were in possession of the ball or if a pre-load which are tied to other stats.

Recovery Rate – Your ability to regain stamina – The higher this attribute is the faster your stamina will replenish.

Interception – The accuracy of any preload and the ability to predict where a ball will land – The higher this attribute the less potential there is to mis hit a preload or not be aware where a ball will arrive- High Interception will result in most preloads being on target.

Ball Control – Your ability to run with the ball and shield from front tackles – When in control of the ball you suffer a penalty to your Movement Rate the higher your BC the less the penalty, High BC also offers a resistance to tackles from the front.

Kicking Power – The power with which a player hits the ball with their feet – High KP results in the ability to hit shots harder, play longer balls with feet.

Kicking Accuracy – The accuracy of LMB passes when in possession of ball – High KA will result in better accuracy of LMB balls played in a 45 degree arc in front of your character outside of a 45 degree arc then accuracy is subjected to penalties which can be negated (see anticipation), High KP will also penalise KA with inaccuracy become higher with a larger KP>KA gap.

Shooting Accuracy – The accuracy of all non preload shots (ball in posession) – Higher SA results in more accurate shots when the ball is in your posession.

Pass Timing – The ability to space pass – Higher PT affects space passing range (relative to KP), space passing accuracy, and Space passing speed.

Anticipation – The balance of a player – Higher anticipation results in lower power and accuracy penalties when a kick is performed outside of the 45 degree arc to the front of a character or when a character is in the red zone of stamina.

Tackling – The ability to lmb tackle a opponent – The higher your tackling the better success rate of lmb tackles (in combination with position)

Slide Tackling – The ability to slide tackle a opponent – The higher your slide tackling the better success rate of slide tackles (in combination with position)

Jumping – The ability to jump for a ball – Higher jumping results in the ability to jump higher than a opponent, Jumping also dictates the power of pre-load header’s both off goal and shots.

Hardiness – A players strength – Higher Hardiness will result in you bouncing a player more often than not, Hardiness increases your defence v tackles from behind, Hardiness reduces the risk of being injured whilst tackled or tackling.

Movement Rate – A Players off the ball speed – Higher MR results in a faster player off the ball.

Stamina – A players stamina pool – Higher Stamina means a larger stamina pool allowing more sprint time before requiring rest.

All of the above work in combination with each other below I will give some examples.

I receive a ball to my feet with my back to goal I turn and shoot with high SA and KP however my Anticipation is poor – The likelihood is my anticipation is going to heavily negate my SA and my shot will not go on target. To get better I increase my anti.

I have the ball at my feet and I look to play a long cross-field ball to a team mate I have High Anti, KP but low KA – The likelihood is that the ball will go that direction but as accuracy works to all directions it could fall short, long, left or right. To get better I increase my KA.

Ball is coming head height into the box I have high SA, KP, Anti I hit a header and it goes wide as I do not have the 2 core stats needed for this type of shot. To get better at heading at goal I increase Interception and Jumping that dictate the accuracy and power of these headers.

I am looking to play a long space pass to a team mate half way up the pitch but I cannot target him but I know my KP can reach him, I have high KP, KA, Anti but low PT, my low PT is severely hampering the range that I can space pass despite my KP, to be able to target this player I would require increased PT.

Any questions feel free to fire away.

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Excellent post! very informative, since i posted that ive done many changes to my stats and playing style and its much more effective now, and its all reflected on what u are telling me now ( Anticipation and 45 degree part is the key ), still there are some other things that are not mentioned that ill bring later , for now i just have some questions about this last post , here i FIRE !! haha

  • IF 1 click shots and passes are 100% charges but suffer a greater degree of inaccuracy over a charged shot/pass:
    -Why it says on the game hints that if i over charge ill get an inaccuracy penalty as well?, summarising , if i dont charge its penalized, if i fully charge is penalized, then whats exactly the best to do?

-Also what happens on the TOP DOWN view when theres no charge whatsoever ?

  • If I receive a ball to my feet with my back to goal I turn and shoot with high SA and KP however my Anticipation is poor –Why The likelihood is my anticipation is going to heavily negate my SA and my shot will not go on target? if i turned and shot with my front aligned to the target ? ( thus the 45 angle is facing the target )

All in all it explains why my Top corner shots were missing one after another, i used to shoot from much wider angles than 45

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About 80% is the optimum for accuracy 100% charged suffers penalties, 1 click suffers enhanced penalties.

Top down is set to a standard % of what I believe to be 75%

Indeed the low anticipation would effect you greatly in that situation as despite the animated turn the actual setting of the shot was at an angle well outside of the 45 frontal arc.

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Wow , so that means u get penalties for everything haha no wonder this game is very hard for new players

And wow, also surprises me that even the body position before shooting affect that much ( even if the animation shows you turn around and shoot frontly, wich means that and a fancy blind back heel kick would produce just the same results..)

Knowing now this i think the charge bar should take fewer time to load power.. they way it is now its just takes too long to reach 80 % or more quickly, specially whilst under pressure situations, imagine you are triying to : Move towards goalie area careful enough before the goalie steals the ball from your feet, but not so slow in order to avoid tight defenders that are just 1 step to tackle you, aligning yourself and aiming for the widest area.. most of the times all i can do is pull a 1 click quick shot since the chances happen in matter of seconds .. also the most accurate charge levels should be reflected graphically more heavily i think in order to make it more intuitive for players that something special happens there ( perhaps a contrasting color area or white space), because otherwise the charge bar meant at least to me the folowing: Green = Weak , Red = Strong

But everything seems much clearer now thx for the clarifications and examples !