[Doom Forge] Crafting Improved!

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We have been working hard to make crafting more appealing and interesting for you. Based on your feedback we have made the following changes:
- More than 100 items to craft. You should improve your proficiency to unlock new formulas
- You can now buy resources and materials in bulks
- Improved proficiency grow rate
- Some general fixes and improvements

So why have we removed jobs and other trades?
We believe that new crafting system is much better than the old one and you can now earn money while doing crafting. How much? It is all up to your skill and your savvy. Anticipate market demand, learn advanced crafting formulae and you may become the richest crafter of the game.

Hunting and gathering will be implemented in the Quests section soon.

What are we going to do next?
- Salvaging unwanted items for materials
- Crafting ques
- New profession
- More general goods to craft
- Quests

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Please give us the Jobs back. My profits everyday are decreasing because of the update. Also, I don’t think crafting helps me because all my items are very powerful. If you kindly give us the Jobs section back, we’ll increase the rating of the game.

Your loyal player,


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You say that it is improved, and in some ways it has… however, it bugs every-other time i try to make something… and since the game takes forever to load/reload, it takes me 8-9 minutes to make a 5 minute item. Maybe something to do would be check for bugs BEFORE releasing an update, instead of waiting for the players to find them for you…

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my crafting ain’t working either…really annoying

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What happened??? two days ago, i get 20 copper bars or rough grinding stones per crafting, now i only get 1 or 2?!?!?
What is this? if it is a bug, FIX IT NOW, if it is a programing change…