[Striker Superstars] Several Game suggestions Chapter.2

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Again trowing some more feedback ideas for the game.. i may be going overboard on this one .. but as ive said earlier im a feedback lover and im happy to support Indy games or any kind of game development, thats the least i could do from a player’s perspective and ill keep doing this feedback if players or developers find it useful.

Hoping somebody reads it :P ( there isnt currently much activity on this forum site apparently). My main focus on this feedback is on ideas on how to achieve more fluidity on team creations and matchmaking.. i hope i point something cool and useful.. starting with:

  • Expand chat lobby functions and utility=
    The chat lobby is the main communication/match making channel in this game, and so far ive tought a whole bunch of cool things that could be added to it to make it more functional and interesting..

For starters, i think the Lobby Chat deserves its own tab ( such as inventory,shop,etc) or a complete screen, currently downside on this channel being a little bottom bar is that it cant show many messages at once.. as well as the player list (think about 80 players being shown 5 at once)..
Given that its really important to see whos playing and whats going on.. i think this channel deserves its own complete space ( and you could fix the toolbars poping up from the background in the process), in addition due to the small size you cant scroll smoothly trough messages as well ( if u missed a certain message from a friend, sometimes its hard to scroll up accurately between the message pool to find it since the bias jumps many at once).

If the chat lobby could get its own tab it can benefit from having the extra screen espace to show extra information.. and given that i have these ideas:

  • Enhancing the forming/queuing teams information:
    Why not showing some detailed data about the forming/queuing of teams?

For starters i think we should differentiate (with an icon) from players that are just forming/being in a team than of those that are already submitted to queue.

In reality teams on assembly process are not ready to play yet, and they shouldnt be counted towards real queue (or have a queue symbol) until they submit (thus more commited to play).

In the case of queuing data it would help a lot for example to be able to see if a team with 3 people submited for a 3v3, it would mean that if i gather quickly a team of 3 people i could go against them.. or for example to see a player is queuing 1v1 ( or quick match ) , it means that if i go quick match as well i might play against him .. the idea here is to set up matches quickly.. and with this aproach of information players can choose quicker their desirable path to take ( assembling a team.. going solo.. or asking for being incorporated to a current team ).

Another kind of cool information could be to mark formation/queuing events with a string text in the chat such as " Player Coltx initiated a team" to inform players that Coltx is forming a team (so players adress him for further invitations perhaps).. or something like " Player Powder submitted a team" to inform the player Powder submitted a team of X members.. this would help players to be even more aware of team creations/queuing and as of wich players are the creators.

At this moment , a player in the lobby can have 3 diferent status ( online, queuing , playing ), why not going a bit deeper with this information to be able to show:

  • -AFK (away from keyboard) status: a status either triggered manually somehow, or achieved by 5 minutes of no activity whatsoever.. ( daily there are lots of " online " players in the lobby who arent even actually there.. and the team forming is affected by this since u cant diferentiate wich players are ready to be invited from those who are taking a cigarette on the roof ).
  • -LT (looking for team) status: a temporary status triggered manually by the player that last 20 seconds or so ( this could help team creators to identify even quicker wich players are one click away to accept invitations.. the temporal nature is to avoid players entering this state and going to smoke to the roof again.. we could assume players that are on this state are fairly active and available and thus more desirable to be invited )
  • -IT (inside team) status: to recognize the players that are already inside a team group
  • -ITC (inside team creator) status: same as IT but slightly different to recognize the players that are the team creators ( so players address them more easily )
  • -Playing (estimated time of arrival) status: this is an addition to the actual “playing” (ball icon) status.. but it could also show ( if mouse hovered) how many minutes are left of the current match they are involved ( this would be really cool to see if its worth to wait or not for friends or oponents to come out .. at least u could check how much they have left yet , thus better player coordination and more fluidity in team formations/queuing)


  • -Suggest player function: It would be really interesting for a player inside a team to be able to suggest players to the creator, suggestion made with the right click menu ( over the desired subject nick) and later accepted/rejected by creator via window pop up.. there are circumstances where a player inside ur team is connected to some more players around and you could benefit from their friend pool to assemble teams even quicker, all players in the team could help to invite more players as well !

However the suggestion pop up to the creator should include the level and rating of the suggested player, in order for him to decide if its desirable for the team or not .

  • Friend management: Finally but not least.. a small suggestion for the Friend management, under a month of playing this game ive been able to produce some kind of large friend list… (sadly most of it, around 90% are offline players anyways) i would like to be able to hide under a tab ALL the offline ones for clean habits, it would be interesting as well to be able to sort the list by level or rating .. so i can keep track or picture wich ones are the most skilled and constant.

Well.. i actually have even more feedback, but this is all regarding to matchmaking.. i hope its interesting.. Thx for reading !

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Another set of interesting suggestions, I hope the devs look onto this anytime soon.

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Thx Vladonu ! i hope that too..